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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: Sora’s New Abilities & How They Work

Kingdom Hearts 3
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Kingdom Hearts account


Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date: Sora’s New Abilities & How They Work

Kingdom Hearts 3 is coming for the PS4 and Xbox One but it has no official release date yet. Even if the game had been announced back in 2013 at the Sony E3 Press Conference, Square Enix is thinking of ways to compensate fans for the late arrival of the game. Square Enix is slowly releasing information to please fans who have been waiting for the game. The development company continues to show additional abilities for the main protagonist of the game, Sora, for new and improved gameplay.

Sora’s New Abilities

Sora is the main protagonist in Kingdom Hearts 3. He is accompanied by Disney characters Donald Duck, Goofy, King Mickey and Kingdom Hearts Keyblade master character Riku. Sora has gained various abilities such as the morphing of his Keyblade, Attraction Flow and Wall Runnning.

Sora can morph his Keyblade during fights. The character can transform the said Keyblade into weapons in the likes of guns. It can also take the form of a chariot. To do this, players have to swap between Keyblades in the options menu. Each one has the aforementioned morphing ability.

Attraction Flow are moves based on rides in Disney theme parks. It has been shown in the Kingdom Hearts 3 trailer that a teacup is used in this ability. It was inspired by the teacup park ride in Disney. This move is not always readily available because it can only be used in some specific battle conditions. These said conditions are still vague as of this time because Square Enix has not divulged the particular conditions.

Kingdom Hearts 3Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Kingdom Hearts account

Lastly, Wall Running is about just literally running on the wall. This skill will expand Sora, Donald and Goofy. This is especially useful in terms of finding clues or locations.


According to VG247, the trailer for Kingdom Hearts 3 indicates spin-off inspired gameplay. This is composed of Kingdom Hearts: Birth By Sleep and Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance. But, Square Enix took the time to develop new capabilities for its main character despite sticking with parts of the older sequels of the series.

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