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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Still Coming To Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts 3
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Kingdom Hearts 3 Release Date Still Coming To Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts 3 will still be making its way to Xbox One. It will be the first Kingdom Hearts game on an Xbox One gaming console. This is despite an incident claiming that the game would not be available on this particular platform. This is because the logo of the Xbox One was accidentally and erroneously removed from the website of Kingdom Hearts. Xbox One users were disappointed for a moment but there is no need for that anymore because Square Enix has resolved this seemingly major problem.

What Sparked The Rumors confirmed that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available on the Xbox One as well as the indubitable PS4 platform. This website was also the one to first capture and notice that Square Enix removed the Xbox One logo from the Kingdom Hearts website. They also further noticed that the only logo shown was that of the PS4.

Moreover, previous Kingdom Hearts titles have been historically and normally exclusive for the PlayStation, which may have frustrated fans a little because Square Enix may have changed their mind and stuck with the usual platform media. Square Enix, the developer and publisher of the long-awaited and highly-anticipated game, readily fixed the issue so that fans need not worry anymore. They assured that Kingdom Hearts 3 will be available in both PS4 and Xbox One platforms. The logo removal was only an error on the part of the said game developer.

Is There A Release Date Already

But, Square Enix has still not addressed another issue. This issue talks about the release date of the said role-playing game. Square Enix has stayed silent regarding this subject matter.

Kingdom Hearts 3Pia Janine Contreras | Video Games Republic

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/TheGamersJoint account

According to WWG Comic Book, the addition of a new Xbox One platform may be a business and marketing strategy for Square Enix. This is because it is their first time introducing the game on an Xbox platform. This is also a measure of how the company is branching out with some of its most popular Internet Protocols.

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