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Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers: Kairi’s Message To Sora Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3


Kingdom Hearts 3 Spoilers: Kairi’s Message To Sora Revealed

Kingdom Hearts 3 remains to be one of the most anticipated games of the decade. However, it seems Square Enix and Disney have more details to share. Series heroine Kairi has a special message to Sora.

The Kingdom Hearts series is a joint project between Square Enix and Disney. The two companies combined their most popular franchises to make an offshoot universe with its own story. Kingdom Hearts 3 is the third main title of the franchise, and is one of its 16 titles.

Unfortunately, developers of Kingdom Hearts 3 are yet to provide a release date for the game. However, it appears they are more than willing to give hints on the entry’s story and gameplay. This recent piece of story information comes from Kairi, one of the three main protagonists of the title.

Kingdom Hearts 3: What Did Kairi Say?

Kairi’s message came courtesy of Rise Uchida, her Japanese voice actress. According to KH13, the dialogue came as a “performance.” The lines, which were translated by @momo_krys on Twitter, appear to be in-game canon.

These details came from the Japanese concert of the series’ anniversary last March 10. According to IBTimes, there are also concerts scheduled for the United States and the United Kingdom. Unfortunately, no one is certain if there are any forms of teases like these in those events as well.

The lines officially reveal that Kairi is in fact training to be a Keyblade wielder. She admits she cannot wait to “help” Sora and Riku by the time they come back. Kairi explained she was glad the magician Merlin can stop time, which can allow her to train more efficiently.

She also reveals that she is training with someone called Lea. He also appears to want to save someone, but he cannot recall who that person is. These actually point towards the appearances of multiple characters from previous games.

However, Uchida also performed another set of lines. This time, it’s from Xion, who is another character she portrays. Xion is the 14th member of Organization XIII and is an imperfect replica of Roxas.

Xion’s lines were more of a tribute to Roxas. Neither of them knew of Xion’s true identity in Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days. In her lines, Xion was extremely thankful for Roxas and Axel for making her feel “alive” even though the days they were together was repetitive.

She also said she wished the days they spent together were longer. This alludes to the tragic ending of 358/2 Days. In the game, Xion had to disappear as it is time for Sora to “wake up” in Kingdom Hearts 2.

What Does The Future Hold?

Unfortunately, the lines of both Kairi and Xion do not reveal much about the new game’s plot. However, they do point to interesting subplots. Fans ought to take these with a grain of salt as some predictions are merely speculation. Newcomers may want to visit the official websites for a good grasp of the main story as well, as Kingdom Hearts is known for its confusing narrative.

The sorcerer Merlin is a recurring character in the games. He originally appeared in the 1963 Disney short The Sword in the Stone. It appears he will have a minor role in the story. Another Disney sorcerer, Yen Sid, served as the teachers of both Sora and King Mickey. It’s interesting to see just how Kairi’s “fighting style” will differ because of her teacher.

Kairi also mentioned she is training with someone called “Lea.” Lea is, in fact, the human form of Axel, a Nobody from the enigmatic Organization XIII. Axel is the hot-headed companion of Roxas and Xion. He fosters an important relationship with the both of them, and his “motivation” implies he may want to save one of them.

This is a point of contention. Nobodies are actually “forms” of people who lost their hearts to Darkness. Sora created Roxas when he sacrificed his heart to save Kairi in the first game. Roxas reunited with Sora when he woke up in the beginning of Kingdom Hearts 2.

Lea may also go to Sora if he wants to “save” Xion. The 14th Organization XIII member is, in fact, an imperfect “replica” of Sora’s memories. She was supposed to replace Roxas and Sora if they fail to execute the plans of Organization XIII.

Unfortunately, no one knows what the plot holds as the game still has no definite release date. Hopefully, Square Enix and Disney will reveal more about the story as time passes.

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