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Kojima Productions Statue: Price, Specs & What You Need To Know

Kojima Productions
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Kojima Productions Statue: Price, Specs & What You Need To Know

Kojima Productions has exciting news as it revealed a 1/2 scale statue of its mascot Ludens. Hideo Kojima’s new studio partnered with Sideshow Collectibles and Prime 1 Studio to come up with this real-world spectacle.

With its impressive look, many would want to get their own copy of this statue which is designed by Metal Gear designer Yoji Shinkawa. But it isn’t easy to grab hold of this enormous monument because it is rare and it comes with a high price tag.

According to Comic Book, Hideo Kojima said that the statue “embodies the very frontier spirit that drives his new studio as it endeavors to create a new kind of play, in a new future, with cutting-edge equipment and technology.”

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Kojima Productions Statue Price And Specs

Luden is wearing an “extra-vehicular activity (EVA) creative suit” and is carrying a flag which bears the logo of the studio. On its helmet is LED lighting that made it look even more high-tech. It stands 63 inches tall from the base to the flagpole. Its weight is not yet determined but apparently, it is very heavy.

The official description of the statue states that it has a high-tech feel with a nostalgic ambiance. Its suit feature Turing pattern-like elements that are inspired by the Turing machine.

For those who would like to get their own statue, it cost $2000. But if you cannot afford a one-time payment, they allow a $200 down payment and the remainder can be paid monthly for $225.

What You Need To Know About The Ludens Statue

The Kojima Productions Statue is extremely rare. There are only 150 statues being made which will bear the signature of Kojima. That is why interested parties have to pre-order it from the Sideshow website at once before the supply runs out. Also, only one statue is allowed per person.

Said statue will be on sale in January 2018. It may take long but with the looks of it, it sure is worth the wait.

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