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‘La La Land’ Movie Review: Here’s Why It’s One Of The Best Films Of 2016

La La Land Movie
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‘La La Land’ Movie Review: Here’s Why It’s One Of The Best Films Of 2016

The La La Land Movie stands on its own. It proves to the strictly entertainment-driven Hollywood stomachs that it is more than the entertainment. While it successfully accomplishes entertainment in a different light, it also promotes playful control of passion, dreams, frustrations and the overall realities of life in a no-nonsense, non-spin-off musical style.

La La Land Stands On Its Own:

The art of La La Land centers on its originality. Quite simply, the film ranks itself among one of the best films in 2016 because of its superb minimalism, creativity and its well-explored concept of magical realism.

The Film Almost Did Not Get Made:

But did you know that the movie almost did not get made? Yes. We would not have been able to behold the magnificence of the La La Land Movie if not because of a few courageous visionaries/dreamers.

It Is Off The Hollywood Culture:

The film stands as an independent material, devoid of any popular musical franchises.  When others thought it would not make it in the less-creative Hollywood industry, the film simply took off with elegant music and rousing story.

Bold independents like the La La Land Movie slowly chip away on Hollywood’s thick culture on spinoffs, sequels, reboots, remakes, etc. Eventually, such culture hindered a number of “un-makable” movies through the years.


La La Land Plot

La La Land sings its way through the hearts of two dreamers, Sebastian Wilder [Ryan Gosling] and Mia Dolan [Emma Stone]. Sebastian came to the City of Stars as a budding jazz pianist and Mia, an optimistic actress. Every time their paths crossed, musical punctuation eloquently turn every scene in the movie as a euphoric experience, Hindustan Times stated.

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Here Are Some Remarkable Reviews For The La La Land Movie:

  • For a film that starts with a slightly campy musical number that could alienate viewers just as easily as charm them, this romance sure makes the leap to greatness quickly.

S. Jhoanna Robledo, Common Sense Media

  • It’s a film that re-enacts, with rare originality, a classic role for the movie medium—escapist entertainment in troubled times.

-Joe Morgenstern, Wall Street Journal

  • The real star in “La La Land” is the movie itself, which pulses and glows like a living thing in its own right.

-Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

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