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League of Legends 7.1 Patch: AD Carry Update, New Skins & More

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League of Legends 7.1 Patch: AD Carry Update, New Skins & More

The latest League of Legends 7.1 Patch appears to be its biggest yet. Riot Games explains in detail the nerfs and updates in the patch. Fan favorites such as Ryze, Syndra, Camille and Poppy are not safe from the vicious nerfs that are incoming. However, Riot Games does promise this will improve the state of play in the next competitive season.

This marks the first patch since Riot Games has had its winter break for the past few weeks. The patch is also the first for the year 2017, and is one of two in a “multi-patch process.” Apparently this will help get the game back together before the next competitive season.

Players will this time see nerfs on some of the game’s most performing champions. However, it’s not everything that’s coming. Riot Games also promises a few new surprises to come along the way.

Players who want to see the full list of changes can get to the official Riot Games forum post detailing the patch. However, for an overview, Lee Sin, Syndra, Ryze, Poppy and Camille are getting big nerfs for the season. The reason is noticeable for anyone playing against them.

The patch will also add buffs to some of the game’s more unpopular choice for the AD Carry. Given that Courage of the Colossus already made tanks to kill, it’s time for the marksmen to get a comeback.

League of Legends: 7.1 Patch Updates

Newcomer Camille has had one of the highest win rates of a new champion in recent history. Now her health is being decreased as a result. Her passive shield and ultimate knockaway duration has been decreased as well.

Poppy has been a wreck now and anyone’s afraid of her onslaught. Her Courage of the Colossus did little to stave away fan anger away from the champion. Now the shield she gets courtesy of her passive has decreased to three seconds, and so has her ultimate’s snapcast damage.

Syndra and Ryze are perhaps the best mid-laners in the game. Ryze will have his Q nerfed, which means his shield and movement is decreased. Syndra will get less damage using her W, and her ultimate will have a higher cooldown.

Lee Sin players (or those against him) will be familiar with his Q>R>Q combo. The damage of his ultimate has been reduced, and his E will no longer reveal invisible units. However, it does not end there.

Meanwhile, marksmen will receive buffs. This is especially the case with Lucian, Draven and Kalista, the three who perhaps with Urgot have the lowest win rates at AD Carry.

Draven’s Q will have base damage, and will scale off his bonus damage. The mana cost of his W will also be reduced. This allows players to use his abilities more often.

Kalista’s Rend received a small quality of life update. The spears will be able to stack regardless of whether Rend is on cooldown. Plus, the mana refund requirement has now been reduced to one unit killed instead of two.

Lucian will be getting two separate buffs. His passive, Lightslinger, will have increased damage in the early game. Meanwhile his Q, Piercing Light, will have increased damage in the end game.

New Skins, New Additions

Meanwhile, the according to Rift Herald, Elementalist Lux is perhaps one of the most detailed and expensive skins in League of Legends history. It has 10 different forms, with it having different experiences in the game. She even has a trailer of her own (as seen below), reveling in her own amazingly-detailed armor. Now, here are some of the changes on the way.

There’s now a warning indicator on the R ability. This means the Final Spark has been adjusted to be immediately visible while it’s being casted. This is unlike before that it just brightens as it is being casted.

The Prismatic Barrier’s shield visuals are now adjusted. They maintain similar levels of brightness and noise. This makes it an excellent adjustment to the W phase. Meanwhile, the E also receives an adjustment, as Lucent Singularity’s missile now has improved graphics. This allows it to be distinguished better than Elemantlist Lux’s other effects.

There are even more skins coming, all from the Warring Kingdoms. Azir will have a more Eastern Sorceror vibe, with Garen having this ancient warrior look. Vi will appear to be more of a futuristic monk, while Gangplank will have a more space-ish appearance. They all reflect some Eastern designs on them, with a profound preference for gold accessories and green (jade)-tinted weapons and red cloth.

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