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Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild: What You Need To Know About The Hinox

Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild
Screen grab from Nintendo Youtube Channel


Legend Of Zelda Breath Of The Wild: What You Need To Know About The Hinox

Seen the new Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild Superbowl ad? Fans may be a little curious about a little detail that appeared in the commercial. Here are some details about the Hinox.

Who Or What Is Hinox?

This giant creature makes its debut at the 18-second mark in the Superbowl ad as seen below. The creature attempts to hit Link with one gigantic swoop during the level. Hinox looks like one of the biggest super bosses in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. 

This version of the Hinox is the latest to appear in The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild. It is a gigantic Cyclops-like ogre that has a closeness to Bombs. The ogre-like monster uses them as weapons against the protagonist.

Notably, fans have already seen the creature in previous games. It started from The Legend of Zelda: A Link To the Past to Tri-Force Heroes. However, there’s no question that its appearance in the Breath of the Wild could be its most magnanimous to date.

The Hinox is hidden in a cave behind a waterfall in Lorule. When found and spoken to, he will bribe the protagonist, Link, with Rupees to stop bothering him. He will initially start with 5 Rupees, while the amount gradually increases every time Link wants more.

If Link asks for something too much, the Hinox will get mad and demand his Rupees back. In turn, he attacks Link with charges that incur damage. Link will try again after some time, because returning immediately will cause the Hinox to attack. The Hinox cannot be harmed or stopped once he is enraged. The maximum amount of Rupees the Hinox will offer before it gets angry is set at random. It rises to a maximum of 300 Rupees.

If the protagonist speaks to the Hinox after leaving him alone, he will tell Link to keep it a secret, because he has a reputation to protect.

Nintendo Switch Storage

The Legend of Zelda Breath of the Wild offers a fresh perspective to the classic game but it eats up half of the internal storage of the Nintendo Switch console. This is because the game in itself has a rather huge download size. Even though the Nintendo Switch itself contains 32 GB of internal storage. It is half sufficient for The Legend of Zelda game, which requires 13.4 GB of storage space.

On the bright side, Nintendo Switch is capable of housing additional storage space. It is compatible with microSDXC cards. Thus, the only option to get another game with The Legend of Zelda is to expand the storage.

On the downside, this is another addition to the expenditures of the Nintendo Switch. As it is, Nintendo will already sell several accessories for the Nintendo Switch at separate prices. This will include the Joy-Con Controllers and the Joy-Con Charging Grip. An additional SD card needed by users to be able to play games on the device adds even more of a cost to the console.

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild arrives on Wii U and Nintendo Switch on March 3rd. Stay tuned to Video Games Republic to catch the latest on video games, tech, and more. 

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