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LEGO Worlds Nintendo Switch Confirmed: Release Date & What To Expect

LEGO Worlds
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LEGO Worlds Nintendo Switch Confirmed: Release Date & What To Expect

LEGO Worlds is all set for a Nintendo Switch launch. You can now get creative on the move and at home alike. This information is now official courtesy a Twitter revelation.

LEGO Worlds coming to Nintendo Switch is a fact that is confirmed by Arthur Parsons. Parsons is the head of design at Traveller’s Tale. The company is the developer of the game.

LEGO Worlds is certainly generating ample excitement amongst fans and enthusiasts. IGN reports that Parsons’ confirmation on Twitter is being widely disseminated. Parsons states that both this game and LEGO City: Undercover are coming to Switch.

More Information on Availability 

The latter is already coming as the company says. The Nintendo hybrid console is getting these two eagerly awaited games. This is bound to lure more gamers to the same.

LEGO Worlds is presently available for Steam Early Access. It is launching for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One in February 2017. The game is offering an absolutely open environment to all players.

Players can simply build anything and do anything with bricks because of this open environment as per GameSpot. The game is a lot similar to Minecraft in this regard. There are more than 80 games under development for the Nintendo Switch at present.

Parsons talks of how “we have announced” the release of “Lego City and Lego Worlds on Switch”. This is a response to a question posed by a fan. The game seems to be in the works already due to the nature of Parsons’ response.

Release Dates & Other Information 

The release dates for the games on Switch are still a mystery. Lego City: Undercover is also known for being an exclusive game for Wii U in the past.

However, it will now come to PlayStation 4, Switch and Xbox One in 2017 because of the company’s need to expand. The seventh gaming title for the Nintendo Switch is ready. The eagerly awaited console is launching on the 3rd of March. Reports estimate prices to be around $300 which should be pretty competitive.

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