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LG 4K TV Price & Specs: New Models Have Better Colors – Here’s Why

Image source: LG News Room website


LG 4K TV Price & Specs: New Models Have Better Colors – Here’s Why

LG has made public its new line of TVs. These are the latest LG 4K TV entries which deliver better image quality and color with Nano Cells. The line includes the SJ9500 model which has what LG claims to be the best 4K LCD picture quality ever. The line also includes the SJ8500 and SJ8000.

What Are Nano Cells?

The Nano Cells on the TV are quantum dot films developed by the company’s display division. This allows deeper blacks, absorption of excess light wavelengths, and a wider viewing angle. This prevents unwanted color bleeding and also prevents fading and other effects which tend to reduce the vibrancy of the photo.

These LG 4K TV models have Nano Cell LCDs which have equally sized particles. Due to these cells, the TV shows more accuracy and consistency in its colors, even when the audience watches from an off-center position. When viewed from the side, conventional LCD displays lose 60 percent of their color and contrast while LG says that the new models maintain 95 percent at the same angles. This means that colors can be seen at their optimum level at any angle.


Image source: LG News Room website at

HDR Effect

The LG 4K TV also has smarter High Dynamic Range (HDR). LG is partnering up with Technicolor to improve accuracy. This will be done through a special Technicolor Expert Mode and support for Advanced HDR. An HDR imagery regardless of the format is also possible with this new TV set where both the HDR10 and Dolby Vision formats are supported.

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Moreover, through the Nano Cells, an Active HDR feature is included in the TV that inserts HDR data into areas in each frame. An HDR Effect heightens the quality of standard images.

Other Features and Specs

The LG 4K TV also has quicker access to viewers’ favorite services. The webOS software includes a Magic Link button on the remote which functions to give quicker access and details about the film.

Of course, TVs would not be left out with the Virtual Reality (VR) hype. Users can now watch a 360-degree VR if a computer or phone is plugged into the TV via USB. The TV is also capable to zoom in easily into a scene.

The SJ9500 model has a frame of 0.27-inches thick at its slimmest point. The SJ9500 does away with a front cover keeping the thickness of the bezel down. This offers for a nearly edge-to-edge look. All the TV sets use a metal design and unique stand.

There has been no word on the price of this new series yet. But, LG is showing more of the SJ9500 at the CES 2017 in Las Vegas.

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