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LG Robot Specs & Price: ‘New Capabilities’ Include Outdoor Feature & Echo-Like AI

LG Robot
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LG Robot Specs & Price: ‘New Capabilities’ Include Outdoor Feature & Echo-Like AI

LG prepares to release an LG Robot that is set to compete with Amazon’s Echo. Here is a rundown of what to expect in the company’s newest artificial intelligence.

LG Robot Specs and Features

The South Korean giant is slated to release the product which will be called the Hub Robot. Furthermore, the product will function primarily as a smart home gateway and an assistant for consumers. However, the rest of the specs and features are still a secret.

The Amazon Echo is a one-of-a-kind product. Due to its popularity, other tech companies are expected to follow suit. Echo features hands-free convenience with Siri-like voice control. In addition, this capability lets users control lights, thermostats, and other smart home devices. Furthermore, it answers questions and can read audiobooks. This is breakthrough technology that the LG Robot is expected to surpass when it is released.

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Other Products

LG will be presenting a heap of new AIs apart from the Hub Robot. A lawn-mowing prototype is included in the roster. Additionally, the company is slated to release a commercial model that can share travel information to humans at hotels and airports. The company previously released a robot vacuum cleaner. The LG Rolling Bot can interact with pets aside from its cleaning capabilities.

The Seoul-based giant also revealed that it plans to widen its reach to the public sector. By planning to begin from home robots first the company will expand to AIs for public services. LG plans to compete with other IT companies in the ranks of Google, Apple, Samsung and Naver. The robots are their first step towards competing in the new AI market.

The Hub Robot will be released at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas next week. The fair is turning into a platform where new tech is unveiled. Video games have seen this as a perfect outlet to launch new titles as well. The event will kick off with press briefings on Tuesday and Wednesday before the main show for the fans of Thursday.

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