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[Listen] Amazon Echo Specs: AI Reveals ‘Mass Effect’ Easter Egg

Amazon Echo


[Listen] Amazon Echo Specs: AI Reveals ‘Mass Effect’ Easter Egg

Fans are hugely excited now that the Amazon Echo feature list also includes a Mass Effect Easter Egg. The Echo and Echo Dot devices threw up this revelation recently. A particular question has got the device to answer in a particular fashion. This reveals the Easter egg because of the response.

The Amazon Echo and Echo Dot devices are handy for shopping, home automation and playing music. However, you have to ask, “Does this unit have a soul?” This leads to a response from Alexa to the tune of “Keelah se’lai”.

This particular attraction of the Amazon Echo has wowed users. Many people are now shopping for the device just to find out this particular attraction. Kotaku reports that the Easter Egg came to light courtesy the Mass Effect Reddit guys.

More Available Details 

They were basically playing with the Alexa digital assistant which paved the way for this amazing discovery. This assistant is integrated inside the Echo. The question instantly gets a response which is the reason for widespread excitement now.

This exchange refers to lines from the Mass Effect universe. This is a hark back to memorable final moments in the big conflict. It is the battle between the Quarians and mechanoid Geth in Mass Effect 3.

Tali, Shepard and Legion make a major decision at this time. However, testing the exchange does not merit buying the Echo. You can simply listen to it at the Alexa Skill Testing Tool courtesy

IGN reports that owners of the Echo or Echo Dot can try this instantly. This fabulous discovery is the credit of Oserius on Reddit. The question is asked in Mass Effect by Legion to the Quarian creators.

More on the Phrase 

The phrase used is synonymous with an exclamation or expression of shock. The phrase is used very often by Tali and others in her race. There are other Eastern eggs available for the Echo.

These include “all your base are belong to us”. This leads to “up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A, start”. You can try this as well.

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