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[Listen] Final Fantasy 15 Cast Prompto Gives Special Christmas Message To Fan

Final Fantasy 15 Cast
Image Source: Prompto Argentum Facebook Account


[Listen] Final Fantasy 15 Cast Prompto Gives Special Christmas Message To Fan

Barely a month after its official release, Final Fantasy 15 cast member Prompto just made one of its young fans’ Christmas a little bit more special. The voice actor behind the popular character, Robbie Daymond, granted a very touching request from a father of a little girl who is a big fan of the video game.

Final Fantasy 15 cast Prompto makes a Christmas request message for a young fan

Millions of Final Fantasy 15 fans are still ecstatic and glued over the recently released Holiday Pack DLC of the game. However, a young girl named Euphrates from that crowd is swooning to more than that. Her father had originally asked Daymond what his rate was to record a short Christmas message to his young girl, Euphrates.

But instead of sending back a quote, Daymon went the extra mile and just recorded the message. He sent it to Euphrates’ father a few days after the request was made. The message was not just a simple message but Daymond made sure that it was personalized and in-character. The popular voice actor even sang some parts of the Final Fantasy fanfare mixed with Jingle Bells, according to Kotaku.

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Euphrates is a big fan of the bubbly character. According to a report by Game Rant, her father even described her as absolutely in love with the Final Fantasy 15 cast member. She is so into the game that her father was amazed that it was able to pull her out of her Minecraft and Roblox bubble.

Euphrates’ father shared pictures of her reaction upon hearing Daymond/Prompto’s message. She was goofing around with her PSVR headset. Apparently she was already in tears the moment the message played.

Robbie Daymond is a popular voice actor who is known for his work in Breadwinners and Transformers: Rescue Bots. His most iconic and notable role, apart from Final Fantasy 15 cast Prompto, was Tuxedo Mask for the 2014 English dub of Sailor Moon.

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