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Live-Action Naruto Movie In The Works From Major Hollywood Studio

Naruto Movie
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Live-Action Naruto Movie In The Works From Major Hollywood Studio

Popular Japanese animated series Naruto is making its way to Hollywood. And Lionsgate, a major Hollywood studio, is currently taking the Naruto Movie on the board. Read on for more news and rumors here.

The Legend Of Naruto Continues On The Big Screen:

Naruto celebrates its title as being one of the longest running animated series in Japan today. Fans have always fantasized how Naruto would look like on the big screen.

This time, fans can now have a proximate representation of their life-long dreams. But of course, trepidations about how the movie will fare in terms of loyalty to its essence can never be avoided.

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Lionstage Is Gaining The Rights Over The Source Material:

For the first time in many years, Naruto will finally be experiencing an adaptation, lest a treatment. The Shonen Jump Japanese Manga Magazine first released the information confirming Lionsgate Studios’ share over the rights for Naruto Movie.


Michael Gracey To Direct:

Eventually, Lionsgate is officially adapting the anime series into a full-length movie. As of the moment, the studio is currently talking over Michael Gracey to direct the movie.

Meanwhile, although yet unconfirmed, rumors claimed that Michael Gracey accepted the project with much delight. Michael Gracey is best known for his special effects work for the movie The Magician.

The famous animated series focuses on the adventures of a young boy from his early age to his prime until he eventually became one of the most respected ninjas in the village.

His exclusion from the village was caused by a force, a mystical fox spirit called the Nine-Tails. In order for the spirit to be contained, the leader trapped the spirit inside the body of the infant Naruto. All of this took place 12 years ago.

Possible Back-Fires Among Hollywood Films:

Adapting classic works like such series can be very challenging. In the past, a handful of adaptations and remakes have wronged audiences and especially the source materials. The recent adaptation of Avatar: The Last Air Bender by another Hollywood studio for example, had disappointed audiences to the tee.

What They Can Do To Achieve The Best Naruto Movie:

Fans could only hope that Hollywood will be pulling the right strings over this one. Ideally, the film’s story-writers can benefit a lot from the narrative style by Naruto’s original manga writer/illustrator Masashi Kishimoto.

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