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Lost Order Game Update On Development, Release Date & More

Lost Order game
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Lost Order Game Update On Development, Release Date & More

The latest Lost Order game updates have caused huge excitement amongst fans and enthusiasts. Lost Order was announced for development last year by Cygames. It will be developed by Platinum Games.

The Lost Order game is being developed by several noteworthy Japanese developers. Even Yasumi Matsuno is involved in the development of this game. Matsuno is known for working on famous titles like Final Fantasy Tactics, Final Fantasy XII and Ogre Battle.

Akihiko Yoshida is the art director for the Lost Order game. He has also collaborated with Matsuno for the Ogre game series in tandem with Final Fantasy Tactics and others. Both have worked together at Square previously.

More on Overall Development 

Silicon Era reports that Daisuke Sakata from Platinum Games is also on the team. He has earlier worked on sound design for Bayonetta. Yoshiki Kashitani from Fuzz is another prominent team member. He has worked previously on Final Fantasy XIII and Final Fantasy XIII-2.

The present development status is around 70% as per the developers. The expected release date is nowhere in sight but should be announced sometime soon as per Gematsu. Early 2017 will see the release of new details about the eagerly awaited game.

Lost Order will promise loads of attractions including fighting with 3D characters and real time tactics. There will be improved content including equipment and team composition. The game is based in the hierarchical city called Perishable Capital of Gold Heaven.

The storyline will have an underlying theme revolving around social disparity. The intriguing Legend of the Thirteen Soaring Jet Black Knights will also play a vital role. There will be four main characters in the game.

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Characters in the Game 

These will be Roz, Blaze, Shone and Chelsea. Roz will be focused on finding actual freedom while Blaze is clumsy but loyal to his friends. Chelsea is a girl who loves her regular life and resists growing up. Shone is an innocent girl and she will continue being her natural self in spite of changes in her environment.

The game is currently being developed for both Android and iPhone platforms alike.

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