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Madden 17 Super Bowl Edition Features Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown

Madden 17 Super Bowl Edition
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Madden 17 Super Bowl Edition Features Pittsburgh Steelers WR Antonio Brown

The Madden 17 Super Bowl Edition is definitely attracting fans in hordes. This special edition now showcases Antonio Brown on the cover. He is a well-known Pittsburgh Steelers Wide Receiver (WR).

The Madden 17 Super Bowl Edition comes with him on the cover without any specific reasons. EA Sports has released this Super Bowl edition at only $20. This pertains to the newest version of the game.

The Madden 17 Super Bowl Edition is available for Xbox One already. GameSpot also confirms that the presence of Brown is still a mystery. However, he has been previously featured in other marketing material from the game series before. He will be familiar to those who have been fans of the series over the years.

More Details on the Special Edition

There are fans who have already viewed the Can’t Feel My Face video that the player revealed earlier. This parody was well-appreciated by fans as well. However, Brown is not playing in Sunday’s Super Bowl LI.

This makes the whole addition a little strange. But, without a doubt, the price point will definitely be appealing. This edition is only available for a limited time period. It will reportedly come to the PlayStation 4 as well. However, the PlayStation Store has not issued any update information to this day.

EA Sports has also issued an official confirmation regarding the commentary. Madden NFL 17 commentators Brandon Gaudin and Charles Davis are reportedly recording new commentaries for the Super Bowl. This should also be an exciting prospect for fans and enthusiasts.

What EA Sports Has Confirmed

EA Sports is also going to announce results for the Super Bowl LI simulation. This will be announced on the 1st of February, 2017. The match takes place between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots.

The game will be played at Houston on the 5th of February, Sunday. Windows Central also reports that this version includes the base game in tandem with 5 All-Pro packs for the Madden Ultimate Team. This is a big attraction for serious enthusiasts as well.

The price is set to be a huge draw for fans. The present edition is being given at a throwaway price of $19.80. The regular pricing point is $60, as fans already know.

As a result, a whopping 67% is being offered on the game as a discount. This should definitely lure players in droves to snap it up! If you have been waiting for a discount on this popular game, now seems to be the right time to snag your own copy.

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