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Mafia 3 PS4 Pro Patch: Full List Of Improvements Here

Mafia 3 PS4


Mafia 3 PS4 Pro Patch: Full List Of Improvements Here

The Mafia 3 PS4 Pro Patch promises greater improvements and attractions for gamers. PS4 Pro support is now a major feature of the game. This will automatically enable several gameplay improvements.

The Mafia 3 PS4 Pro patch will make for an upgrade for people with access to better hardware. There is no official date or release on the addition of this feature. The latest 1.05 update came out on the 20th of December, 2016.

This only added car customization and some races to the game. However, the patch notes do not have any talk of support for PS4 Pro. Earlier patch notes also skip this vital inclusion as per VG 24/7.

What Benefits Can You Expect? 

There are now rumors of PS4 Pro support being available as a feature all along. Resolution will now go up to 1440p. Of course, this applies only for the 4K mode.

Spotlight shadow quality for dark scenes will also improve greatly. 1440p resolution will also come down to 1080p for non-4K content. There will be better motion blur.

Frame rate drops will also be deeper in comparison to the regular PS4. However, V-Sync will take care of screen tear. Base PS4 owners also benefit tremendously from this patch.

What Else You Should Know

They will now get several fixes for frame pacing issues witnessed in the game. There will also be adaptive V-Sync on offer. Frame rates will also be improved even at 27 fps which is quite low.

It is strange why Sony and 2K never advertised this particular patch. There is huge gamer interest in PS4 Pro support functions. No one may have really checked whether this support feature was there or not.

Counsel & Heal has also confirmed the inclusion of such patch support for the game. Mafia 3 PS4 is set to be more engaging and attractive. This new patch will definitely contribute towards better experiences for gamers.

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