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Mafia 3 Update: Complete List Of Free Improvements

Mafia 3 update
New outfits available in the game. Screengrab taken from Youtube/Gamespot.


Mafia 3 Update: Complete List Of Free Improvements

Fans have waited months to play and now they will be treated to a Mafia 3 update as well.

The Mafia game franchise started with the game’s very first release back in 2002. It has since grown into a successful franchise with the Mafia 2 released in 2010 and the Mafia 3 released just last month.

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Fans have waited a couple of years for the release of the Mafia 3 update and so far 2K Games have been spoiling players. While other games have extra content available for a price, 2K Games launched their extra content for nothing. Though people may think they are handing out spare change, that isn’t true.

Dressed To Impress

According to Gamespot, there was a free golden fun DLC that was recently released. Apart from that there are eleven new outfits for the main character Lincoln Clay. Five of them are brand new and six have been worn before. The list of outfits are: Plain White Tee, On Leave, Full Metal, Full Metal 2, Combat, Mr. Clay, Business Hours, Water, Pro-Am, Revolutionary and Fed.

The catch is that players will have to reach the “Somethin’ I’ve Got to Do” mission to access them. Once players do, the outfits can be found in the wardrobe section of a controlled safe house or hideout.

Mafia 3 Update: More Content For Free

VG24/7 noted some other great improvements. There are improved car reflections, improved streaming issues, UI improvements, fixed audio issues, fixed save-game corruption, fixed audio issues and fixed various issues for Cassandra’s contraband missions.

Though fans will be pleased with the latest updates, 2K Games won’t be stopping there. The developer announced via blog post that there will be more updates in the future as well as free content.

In other news, three paid story expansions are on their way to launching.

The Mafia 3 update is available for players on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and PC. The public’s response to the game was phenomenal with Take-Two, 2K’s parent company, shipping 4.5 million copies in the first week.

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