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Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch: New Tracks, Characters & More

Mario Kart 8
Screen grab from Nintendo Youtube Account


Mario Kart 8 Nintendo Switch: New Tracks, Characters & More

Australian game store EB Games leaked interesting photos related to Mario Kart 8. Take a look at the details below.

EB Games Australia Leaked Nintendo Switch Box Art

EB Games Australia leaked a few Nintendo Switch games last Monday. However, the Australian game chain store removed it immediately. Fans anticipating the release of the entertainment console successfully took screenshots of the titles before it was removed from the website.

Box art of The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, Mario Kart 8 Switch, and Skyrim Special Edition were among the titles that were leaked. It was evident that the boxes were a tad smaller and were emblazoned with a very bright shade of red — a color that is reminiscent of the old Nintendo logo.

However, Vooks editor Daniel Vuckovic revealed on Twitter recently that the images came from him. Furthermore, he said in his tweet that he apparently was “really bored.”  The editor created the images using Webdev tools and then posted the images on the store’s site.

The authenticity of the box art is still unknown. However, the leaked images added to the anticipation of fans on the console’s release.

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Characters, New Tracks, And More

Meanwhile, Emily Rogers stated on Twitter that she is confident with the information she leaked about Mario Kart 8.

There will be new characters in Kart 8 for Nintendo Switch. Added in the roster are Link, Isabelle, color options for Shy Guy and Yoshi, among others. In addition, King Boo is also expected to be included in the roster of characters.

Furthermore, expect a new battle mode. Hopefully, there will be customizable stages that can be altered based on the gamer’s preference. Players have been complaining about the race tracks that can’t be altered. This is a great addition to the current battle mode in the game.

In addition, Nintendo will be adding 24 extra tracks. This is apart from the whopping 48 that is already playable in Mario Kart. 

Mario Kart 8 was released for the Nintendo Wii U last May 28, 2014. Nintendo is slated to release more details about the much-awaited Mario game for Nintendo Switch on January 12.

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