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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: 2v2 Teams, Infinity Stone Mechanics Explained

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite
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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: 2v2 Teams, Infinity Stone Mechanics Explained

Marvel and Capcom fans, ready to see Chun-Li and Ryu use the Infinity Stones? Marvel vs Capcom Infinite appears to have much more in store. This is the latest in the line of Marvel vs Capcom videogames.

The reappearance of popular Marvel and Capcom characters in this mix-match smash to the death (of sorts) is a much-awaited phenomenon. After all, their series has been one of the most acclaimed fighting games of all time. And now they are up for more.

This Marvel vs Capcom Infinite guide will explain the basics of the Infinity Stone mechanics and other aspects of the game. This is especially since the 3v3 battles were moved in lieu of 2v2 ones. Just how will this affect the game?

Marvel vs Capcom Infinite: Here Come the Stones

A developer for Marvel vs Capcom Infinite to SegmentNext, explained why the teams are now 2v2 and how the Infinite Stones come into play. According co-producer Peter Rosas himself, h explained why the game is now working this way. Apparently, Capcom wants the title to be accessible to beginners as well.

As Rosas explained, the second and third installments of the game have encumbered players with a ton of new options. The 3v3 option itself seems a bit heavy, given the first and second characters often making a difference in most matches.

Players roughly have to make “six decisions” before getting anywhere. Not only should characters be a preference, the third fighter may be chosen because of some special “trait.” Everything felt a bit “superfluous.”

He added this new option now allows novice players to play the game and enjoy themselves as well. A 2v2 option also adds a feeling of “camaraderie” between the two characters. Other players, of course, aren’t too keen on the option. Regardless, Capcom will be revealing more before the game releases in lat 2017.

New Characters?

So far, only very few characters were confirmed on each side. There’s Ryu, Megaman X and Morrigan on the Capcom side, and Captains Marvel and America, and Iron Man on the Marvel side. Still, given the rather more open selection of 2v2 teams, there might be more heroes approaching.

The 2v2 battles will definitely make matches faster and more fluid than before. The added mechanic of the Infinity Stones also make an interesting gameplay option. This allows characters to manipulate certain aspects of reality in order to boost their attacks.

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