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Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster Characters: X-Men, Fantastic Four Playable in New Game


Marvel vs Capcom Infinite Roster Characters: X-Men, Fantastic Four Playable in New Game

The X-Men and Fantastic Four might actually become playable in Marvel vs Capcom Infinite. As of now, six characters are confirmed in the game’s roster. Morrigan and Captain America were announced a few days ago. Captain Marvel, Megaman X, Ryu, and Iron Man are the first ones confirmed when the game was unveiled during the recent PlayStation Experience.

As with any newly revealed game, expect lots of rumors and speculations to start floating around.

The X-Men

Long before the advent of the first Marvel vs Capcom, X-Men: Children of the Atom are the ones that started it all. The very first Marvel Comics licensed fighting game by Capcom was a success. This led to other Marvel Comics licensed fighting games. Capcom then thought it was a good idea for the X-Men to have a crossover fighting game with their main flagship title, Street FighterX-Men Vs. Street Fighter is what eventually gave birth to Marvel vs Capcom.

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X-Men characters had always been a staple in the series. However, the presence of X-Men characters are somewhat lacking in MVC3 and its expansion UMVC3 compared to its predecessors. But this case might have more to do with balancing the character roster in the entire Marvel universe.

Another is that it is pretty evident that Capcom is riding with the recent popularity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. But the MCU under Disney is known to have licensing problems concerning the X-Men with Fox. This is leading to fears that the X-Men might become completely absent in the sequel.

Fantastic Four

The Fantastic Four, despite being one of the more popular Marvel characters, aren’t present in any Marvel Comics licensed fighting game to date. This is considered quite ironic, especially with their arch enemy Dr. Doom being almost a staple in the series roster. Add to this the antagonist Super-Skrull in MVC3. Specially that Super-Skrull’s abilities is that of the Fantastic Four combined.

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However, Disney appears to have recently made a deal with Fox. This is good for both the X-Men and Fantastic Four, as both are currently under Fox. This would remove any licensing possible restrictions.

Another is the rumored leaks, as mentioned in the PVP Live and Event Hubs websites. The source of the rumors has a good track record for accurate information, based on its previous claims. According to the claims, it’s not just the X-Men gets to stay in the game, but Fantastic Four would also be finally playable this time as part of a DLC.

Things are looking great for the upcoming Marvel vs Capcom Infinite.

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