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Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Best Sniper Rifles In The Game

Mass Effect Andromeda Guide
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Mass Effect Andromeda Guide: Best Sniper Rifles In The Game

Mass Effect Andromeda offers players a chance to work with different kinds of weapons as a part of its gameplay. One of the known weapons in-game are Sniper Rifles, which can be used to take down enemies from a distance. Here is a Mass Effect Andromeda guide revealing what are the best Sniper Rifles in-game that can dish out huge amounts of damage.

Sniper Rifles normally would do tons of damage, but would have a poor rate of fire as well as low magazine capacity. In Mass Effect Andromeda, developers have included different varieties of Sniper Rifles where there are those that deal massive damage but with only a limited ammo capacity and vice versa. This Mass Effect Andromeda guide will show which of those Sniper Rifles have the best balance between damage and max ammo capacity.

Aside from damage and ammo capacity, players should also consider other factors such as rate of fire, max clip size, accuracy, weight, augmentation slots, and type. This Mass Effect Andromeda guide will also reveal which Sniper Rifle are better than  the others.

1. Black Widow

The Black Widow can dish out 576 max damage once it’s fully upgraded and although it did not reach the thousands like the Isharay, its other stats compensated for that. It has three shots per clip and 27 max ammo. It rewards the good shooter with higher damage per second and the 80 accuracy helps in landing bullets on weak spots.

2. Isharay

The Isharay has the most damage in Mass Effect Andromeda as it can deal a maximum of 1,433 damage once fully upgraded. However, its fully-upgraded version only has 16 max ammo capacity and one clip. It has 75 rate of fire, 87 accuracy, a weight of 47, and three augmentation slots.

3. N7 Valiant

A go-to Sniper Rifle that has average and balanced stats overall. Once fully upgraded, it deals 366 damage, has 125 rate of fire, a maximum of five clips, 39 max ammo, a weight of 35, four augmentation slots, and 93 accuracy, the highest one in the game.

4. Lanat

The Lanat dishes out the second highest damage in the game, dealing a maximum of 896. Compared to the Isharay. While it has a low rate of fire and weight, but it exceeds it in terms of clip size, ammo capacity, accuracy, and augmentation slots.

5. Naladen

Once the Naladen is fully upgraded, it will have decent stats across the board. It can deal a maximum of 357 damage, a tad higher than the Vanquisher. It has a rate of fire of 95, four max clip size, 31 max ammo capacity, an accuracy of 70, a weight of 43, and four augmentation slots.

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