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Mass Effect Andromeda Characters Lineup Includes Female Turian

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Characters Lineup Includes Female Turian

Mass Effect Andromeda is already generating mass hysteria amongst fans! The excitement has now reached new heights courtesy of an official post by BioWare. This reveals the presence of a new female Turian companion for the Ryder twins.

Mass Effect Andromeda is certainly getting a lot of attention thanks to this recent bit of news. The newest Andromeda Initiative member is named Vetra Nyx. The female Turian was born in Palaven, the Turian home world.

In Mass Effect Andromeda, she will be an ideal fit since she can easily adapt to fast-changing situations. This is because of her rough upbringing amongst mercenaries and smugglers. Her abilities make her a perfect teammate for players looking to have someone smart in their corner.

What Fans Think 

Game Rant reports that the Mass Effect series has always influenced players deeply. This is because they have come across multiple interesting personalities in the game. BioWare is steadily pulling the wraps off several interesting characters at present.

Nyx represents one development that players are crazy about! The character will be filling the tank role as per speculations. This is because of the hugely upgraded custom armor she wears along with her cyclone assault rifle. The armor offers extra shielding for the character.

The popular ability of the character is the Power Armor, which toughens and integrates reinforced shielding. Additionally, Nyx has the ability to dole out punishments whenever required and similarly, she can take punishments as well. This is comparable to Garrus Vakarian, who is another popular Turian.

Very interestingly, the Turian race came entirely as a male species in the three major games in the Mass Effect series. Nyreen Kandros was the first female Turian to be brought into the series. She came as part of the Mass Effect 3 Omega downloadable content.

More Interesting Revelations

Even the Citadel content featured Kandros. BioWare has earlier spoken of several technical obstacles, including low memory and development time, which hindered female Turian entries. Derek Watts, the Art Director, feels that the team struggled to make the female characters visually different from the male characters in terms of their faces.

Fans are eagerly waiting for further updates and information from the developers. They are also waiting for added multiplayer gameplay and other beta details.

GameSpot also confirms that the game releases on the 21st of March, 2017. It will release for PlayStation 4, PC and Xbox One.

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