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Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion: Should You Save Ruth Or Fight Roekaar?

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Contagion: Should You Save Ruth Or Fight Roekaar?

One of the notable side quests in Mass Effect Andomeda includes Contagion. It involves making a difficult decision where the player has a choice to kill or to save a certain person.

In order to begin Contagion, the player has to first unlock Kadara, but he cannot finish it until he has access to Kadara Slums. In the side quest, the player will discover about Ruth Bekker and the virus she carries in Mass Effect Andromeda.

It is a long side quest and at the end, the player has to make a difficult decision. He can either kill Ruth with her abductor, the Roekaar, to stop the virus from spreading and infecting others or save her by killing by letting Roekaar go.

Before making a decision, let’s look at the possible pros and consequences that the player might encounter. So far, neither choice would not have any huge gameplay implications in Mass Effect Andromeda.

The Two Choices

The first option involves the player letting the Roekkar leave the base. The leader is pointing a gun towards Ruth and will shoot if the player would not let them go. Ruth also revealed that the Roekkar has a sample of the contagious virus she has.

Simply do not let them go and the leader will fire the gun, killing Ruth. Then, the player has to battle it out with Roakkar. Defeating them will net the player tons of experience and Andromeda Viability Points (AVP) at the cost of Ruth’s life. This option will remove the threat of the virus for good.

Meanwhile, the second option involves letting the Roekkar leave the base. Once chosen, no battle will occur and Ruth lives. However, she is placed into Stasis so that she would not infect anyone with her virus.

This also means that the Roekkar possess one of the most deadliest and incurable virus in the Mass Effect Andromeda universe. Unlike the first option, this will give the player a decent amount of experience and AVP.

Picking the first option means ending the virus once and for all, but at the cost of Ruth’s life. Meanwhile, the second option still might have a follow-up with an undiscovered side-quest or in a future update.

If the player is rushing to level up faster and gain more AVP, he should select the first option. However, if the player wants more adventure and wants to save the damsel in distress, he should do the second one, although it would not give him as much experience and AVP as the first.

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