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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC: Multiplayer Will Be Free Says Devs

Mass Effect Andromeda
Photo screen grabbed from Mass Effect YouTube Channel.

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Mass Effect Andromeda DLC: Multiplayer Will Be Free Says Devs

BioWare Studio General Manager and Vice President Aaryn Flynn has confirmed on Twitter that the Mass Effect Andromeda multiplayer would be a free downloadable content (DLC). This means that players would have instant access to future map updates concerning the said game mode.

Twitter user @DJSrules asked Flynn via Twitter whether they have to pay for other maps in Mass Effect Andromeda like other EA Games. Flynn responded that it was going to be like Mass Effect 3, which means free multiplayer map updates.

Mass Effect Andromeda fans became relieved after knowing that they no longer have to pay in order to play multiplayer. This move by BioWare compensates for the cancellation of the multiplayer tech test that was supposed to happen weeks before the game’s official release on March 21, 2017.

Although BioWare cancelled the multiplayer tech test for the game, BioWare Producer Fernando Melo showed the Mission feature in the game mode. Melo posted an image on Twitter that showed how multiplayer would link with the single player experience.

Multiplayer Mode to Feature Missions & Loot Boxes

According to GameRant, the multiplayer mode of the game would feature loot boxes of different tiers. These include Gold Item and Research Data loot boxes but BioWare appears to have added others more.

Developers also labeled loot boxes as Pathfinder Rewards which could mean rewards obtained for multiplayer by playing through single player. It makes sense since Commander Ryder, the protagonist of the game is one of the four Pathfinders in the game.

Other speculations about these loot boxes include that they might just be rewards for winning multiplayer matches or even leveling up. They could also count as part of the game’s micro-transactions which includes items like card packs.

Since BioWare plans on adding different loot boxes, it could mean that players can earn specific ones through gameplay and others, in micro-transactions. Special loot boxes might require in-game purchases while those ordinary and lesser ones by just playing the game.

Strike Teams Can Finish Multiplayer Missions

Meanwhile, GameSpot reports that players can skip playing missions in multiplayer by just sending out a Strike Team. This would prompt an AI-controlled group of allies to attempt the said mission for the player, giving experience if successful. However, it does not guarantee that every mission would be finished.

BioWare had constantly teased fans about the multiplayer feature of the game in the last couple of weeks. Aside from the loot boxes and missions, Melo also teased about the Krogans in the said game mode.

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