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Mass Effect Andromeda Players Can Get ‘Doctor’s Note’ For Absence

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Players Can Get ‘Doctor’s Note’ For Absence

Mass Effect Andromeda is just hours away from its official release. However, BioWare gave fans a “doctor’s note” in case of absences. This can be helpful for gamers who would definitely spend a lot of  time on the much-awaited game.

BioWare’s Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest title in its Mass Effect franchise. The science fiction series forces the protagonist to team up with various aliens to save the galaxy. However, Andromeda takes a step further and has players explore the Andromeda galaxy.

Mass Effect Andromeda is in fact separate from the core Mass Effect trilogy. BioWare hopes the game can introduce new fans to the franchise, and reignite the interest of veterans. Regardless, it appears the “note” came just in time.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Doctor’s Advice

The piece of content came courtesy of BioWare’s official Twitter account. Its tweet features a piece of paper detailing the absence of an Ark Hyperion employee from work and school. The paper’s background implies it is a fictional item, as players can see the medical bay behind the note.

Mass Effect Andromeda

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However, the note itself is blank. Players may see this as an option to “fill it out” prior to passing it. Workplaces and schools regularly ask for medical certificates if they incur absences. It is often joked that life will be easier if the doctor who will sign said certificate is a friend.

In Andromeda, this “friend” is Dr. Lexi T’Perro, portrayed by Game of Thrones‘ Natalie Dormer. She is the in-game physician and is one of the player’s most trusted allies. Interestingly, T’Perro is in fact part of the many “guides” of the protagonist during the tutorial of the game. Gamers also have the chance of pursuing her throughout the title.

Of course, it is highly unlikely that the “note” can be used. However, it does help hype the game prior to its release. Fans may expect a lot from Andromeda, given it is the first Mass Effect game after ME3 in 2012.

Release News, Updates

Unfortunately, Andromeda already has a lot of challenges to conquer before making a positive impression. This is especially in the case of its facial expressions. Fans have criticized other BioWare games for this fault as well.

Gamers were heavily displeased by the graphics used by animators to do the characters’ facial expressions. Sadly, BioWare did say this is how they all appear in the main game.

Regardless, the game still has a lot of selling points. According to GameRant, BioWare boasts that the title will focus more on character development and dialogue. This is evidenced by the return of Loyalty Missions, and a more flexible morality system. This is partly because Mass Effect 3 did not give a lot of leeway for emotional development between characters.

Customization fans can also craft weapons and even customize the color of their armor. This is a completely new feature separate from the other titles. Players also have the opportunity to switch between single-player and multiplayer seamlessly.

Fans of Mass Effect Andromeda can get the game for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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