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Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Time, Schedule & How To Play

Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access
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Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Time, Schedule & How To Play

Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest title in BioWare’s hit series. However, it seems fans can join Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access. This allows them to play the game earlier than the expected March 21 release.

BioWare skipped five years in the Mass Effect franchise since the release of Mass Effect 3 in 2012. This makes Mass Effect Andromeda its newest title for the current generation of consoles. Fortunately, fans can check in Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access if this game truly belongs to the acclaimed series.

Players of the original Mass Effect trilogy will remember that Andromeda is a completely separate title from the so-called “Shepard” trilogy. Andromeda stars the Ryders, a family of explorers, and not Commander Shepard. This might worry fans as the previous installments in the series have always been Shepard-centric. Gamers can get the Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access trial to see if the Ryders could hold a candle to the first three games’ story.

Mass Effect Andromeda Early Access Option Revealed

This news came courtesy of PCGamesN which found out that players can actually try Andromeda in their platforms. Fans with Origin Access subscription can just head to the game’s page inside the client. In fact, only a “Download” button stands between a gamer and a definitive Mass Effect Andromeda experience.

However, it may be helpful to remember that the game allows Early Access for 10 hours. Players can try the game beginning March 16 at the following times: 5:30 PM EDT, 2:30 PM PDT, 9:30 PM GMT, and 5:30 AM SGT. Fans may have to find out for themselves if the trial still runs with shut down platforms.

Electronic Arts (EA) did not officially announce the Early Access. Fans at Reddit were also surprised when some players discovered this feature. EA did not comment on this event, but they simply confirmed that Early Access is indeed available for players.

Mass Effect Andromeda Early AccessRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

A screenshot of the Early Access window. Image from PCGamesN.

Launch Details, Features

It can be remembered that EA’s move is not entirely surprising, as they do this in previous releases. EA actually made a free trial available for Battlefield 1 a day before its release. GameSpot elaborates that fans may want to check out a few things about Andromeda before playing.

The Andromeda Early Access focuses on both the single player and multiplayer aspects of the game. Most importantly, players cannot play through the entire single-player campaign. However, fans may be able to access multiplayer as much as they want.

BioWare also released a companion app for the game’s multiplayer. This Apex HQ app will track a player’s progress in the mode. These include which characters and items are unlocked. Fans can get this program beginning March 20 for both the iOS and Android.

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