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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Could Be Longer Than ME3 – Here’s Why

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Could Be Longer Than ME3 – Here’s Why

BioWare fans now have more details about the depth of Mass Effect Andromeda. It seems the title may be longer than anticipated. This can be big news for fans who are still grasping just how huge the new Mass Effect game might be.

Fans of the franchise may understand the need to compare Mass Effect Andromeda to previous installments of the series. After all, Mass Effect 3 (ME3) was released last March 6, 2012. The claims that Andromeda will be a completely different game is different than what fans expect has placed many to their thinking chairs.

Regardless, BioWare does not fail to deliver to its fans. It has finally revealed a few more tidbits about Mass Effect Andromeda as it approaches its March 21, 2017 release date. Fans across all consoles, whether it may be the PlayStation 4, the Xbox One or the PC, may have a completely new Mass Effect experience after all.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Longer, Friendlier

This mysterious piece of information came from the game’s lead designer Ian Frazier. He confirmed via a tweet that the title will need “a few more days” to complete than other titles. This is a complete reference to ME3, which some players claimed to have finished in two days.

Another tweet from Frazier solidifies an earlier statement that the side quests of the game will be more “meaningful” to player relationships. This is because he confirmed that the game will be “friendly” to beginners of the franchise. This corroborates with previous reports that the game took inspiration from games such as The Witcher 3.

The latter was known for its very involving plot. Players praised the game as even its side quests had some sort of depth in them. Frazier’s statements that Andromeda will be “beginner friendly” will allow fans to join the Mass Effect hype easier. This is a good mentality, as this is the first Mass Effect game for modern consoles. The move to make Andromeda the “first game in a new series,” as previously reported, is a good option to welcome fans.

Updates, New Features

Game Rant explained that these new tweets may establish the fact that Andromeda aims to get a more story-oriented approach to the series. The dialogue and romance systems will be revamped, for example, to get more “realistic” relationships. The removal of the Paragon/Renegade system also allows characters to have more depth.

The new information cements some information about the game’s lore that was already established in the past few months. For instance, while ME3 will have some degree of influence over Andromeda‘s setting, it will not have any direct effect on the game’s story. This is because what happened to the ending of the game has not reached the Andromeda galaxy yet.

However, it may be a good time to remind fans to save progress of their gameplay once Andromeda gets released. BioWare has been teasing for a while that they plan to implement some sort of “cross-save” feature that “carries over” saved games on new titles. Whether or not this has some effect to the stories of future installments is still up for speculation.

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