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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Revives Loyalty Missions

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Revives Loyalty Missions

Mass Effect Andromeda is set to introduce changes for the franchise’s gameplay. One big shift is the revival of Loyalty Missions in the game. Players may ask, why the revival?

After all, it can be remembered that Loyalty Missions were removed back in Mass Effect 3. The editorial prerogative that led to its revival in Mass Effect Andromeda is something worthy to explore. It is a good thing then that the game’s director is more than glad to explain the feature’s return.

Interestingly, this means Mass Effect Andromeda will feature characters that can ally themselves with players if certain conditions are met. This further emphasizes the game’s already-teased “improved” dialogue system. Of course, its effectiveness as a game feature can only be learned with the game’s release.

Loyalty Missions: Why Not?

The Loyalty Missions were first introduced in Mass Effect 2Andromeda‘s creative director Mac Walters recently explained in the Official Xbox Magazine that BioWare will be having the feature return in the upcoming game. However, Walters first explained why they were removed in Mass Effect 3.

According to Games Radar, he said the goal of the game was to bring everyone who was a squad member. This is assuming everyone survived in the player’s playthrough. However, wrapping a mission around each member would be taking too much of the player’s time. He emphasized that this will also not fit the game’s context, that of a galaxy at war.

“Hey, the Reapers are here, can you help me go deal with my dad?” was what Walters said Loyalty Missions in Mass Effect 3 would be like. This was the reason why he scrapped the concept in the first place. The feature was returned in Andromeda because of its different tone.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Loyalty Missions

Walters explained the decision to bring back the missions to the upcoming game was because of the game’s context. Andromeda‘s missions will help the players bond with their crew members. He added that as much as the story is amazing, bland characters will make the story flat. According to Game Informer, this was primarily the biggest reason why the feature was returned.

This is especially since Andromeda is set up akin to a team preparing for a suicide mission. After all, the goal of the game was to free alien races held captive by the primary villain. The game is less about waging war, and more about everyone’s reasons to be in a far away galaxy.

Regardless, players can only gauge the efficiency of Loyalty Missions as a story device by the time the game launches. Hopefully, the feature will truly help players connect with the rest of their crew members. After all, all they have is each other in the hostile galaxy.

The game is set to have a March 21 and 23 release for the United States and United Kingdom, respectively. The title is set in the Andromeda galaxy, where the players take on the role of explorers who want to find a home for a group of settlers.

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