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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Rewards Gained For Skipping Multiplayer Missions

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay
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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Rewards Gained For Skipping Multiplayer Missions

BioWare has more details about Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay features. This time, its multiplayer mode has revealed a few secrets. Interestingly, it seems players can skip through the game’s multiplayer offerings entirely.

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay elements involve a lot of new features new to the franchise. This includes improved dialogue and the return of Loyalty missions. These features put an emphasis to fostering relationships with the players’ companions. However, BioWare has new offerings for its multiplayer mode as well.

It appears players who want to try multiplayer in the list of Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay modes can skip through missions entirely. Some gamers might be surprised about the new feature. However, this gameplay option appears to be consistent with the game’s theme.

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Multiplayer Missions

The news came from game producer and lead designer Fernando Melo and Ian Frazier, respectively. According to Melo’s tweet, players can skip Andromeda‘s multiplayer missions and still earn rewards. He added this can be achieved with the help of Strike Teams.

Strike Teams are a group of allies that are controlled by the game’s artificial intelligence (AI) feature. They will play the mission the player chooses. If they are successful, then the player gains experience and items. Melo and Frazier did not elaborate just how the system works in its fullest. However, this already presents new options to play the game.

For instance, players may very well focus on the single-player aspect of the game and earn passive experience through multiplayer missions. Unfortunately, gamers cannot determine how Strike Teams appear and perform. Strike Team soldiers are randomly generated, but players can still look at their general appearance.

Strike Team Uses, Lore

However, players may have some degree of customization with their Strike Teams. Frazier said in another tweet that the performance of these “random” soldiers depends on the missions they do. This means they obtain special traits the more they are successful in missions. He added that gamers can also get new gear for them to use.

Game Rant added that there are also missions that are not available in multiplayer. These missions are also one-time entries, meaning they cannot be repeated if players and their Strike Teams fail. Unfortunately, not much has been revealed about the full extent of the Strike Teams’ features.

However, the presence of the Strike Team proves the unique direction Andromeda wants to take. The previous Mass Effect games took place in the Milky Way galaxy. Commander Shepard, the “staple” protagonist then, was in charge of handling a war that spanned the whole galaxy. However, players had direct influence over the outcome of the war as they are on the front lines.

In the case of Andromeda, players are first and foremost explorers. Sending Strike Teams into missions is akin to a field commander sending troops on a recon mission to explore new lands. This is a recurring theme in the new game, as players will have to find a new home for humans in the Andromeda galaxy.

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