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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Switch Between Singleplayer & Multiplayer

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay: Switch Between Singleplayer & Multiplayer

N7 reveals more juicy details about the gameplay of Mass Effect Andromeda. It appears players can switch modes mid-game at their whims. This adds a new level of depth in what appears to be a revolutionary game under N7’s wing. However, how does this impact gameplay?

The news is courtesy of game producer Mike Gamble. His announcement revealed more details about the game’s new gameplay mechanics. This time, it appears there’s something called a Strike Team mode.

Players may think the multiplayer segment of Mass Effect Andromeda may be akin to Mass Effect 3. Of course, this was almost separate from the whole game given the mechanics divert from the game’s goal. However, this time, it seems saving the world is hand-in-hand with both modes.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Gameplay Variations

According to Kotaku Australia, Andromeda provides singleplayer and multiplayer switching. They also offer it mid-play, meaning it’s still connected to the game’s narrative. Gamble detailed this in the game’s Strike Team system.

The Strike Team system allows players to essential switch between singleplayer and multiplayer seamlessly. Its progress does not directly affect the course of the main game. This is because the mode is set on a place called Helios.

Gamble added the multiplayer will explore the meta-story in Helios. However, players are not required to accomplish this mode. Not to mention, game designer Ian Frazier said odds of a multiplayer beta coming are really soon.

Features, Different from Original Trilogy

According to PC Gamer, Mass Effect Andromeda is due for a March 21 release. However, it appears as though Origin Access members can play the game earlier. Still, it gives a lot of weight over the fact that the game has to “beat” the original trilogy.

It can be noted that developers at N7 and BioWare said the game will be setting up a new slate of games for the franchise universe. This means the original trilogy has really ended, and everything else expands on this. Hopefully the games will be able to settle the plot lines unsettled in the original trilogy.

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