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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Will Not Be Open-World

Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay
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Mass Effect Andromeda Gameplay Will Not Be Open-World

BioWare has cleared a few things about the Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay questions players have. One of these clarified exploration woes from players, especially those who could not quite get the depth of adventure they can get. However, it seems BioWare has different plans for the game.

Players curious on Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay features will be particularly concerned about exploration. After all, this is the first game set outside the Milky Way galaxy. It makes sense if exploration is a key aspect of gameplay.  After all, the game works under the premise that players will be “rescuing” other races from an evil tyrant.

However, BioWare clarified that Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay will not be a “true” open world. This can change the way players view the entire game. What does this mean?

Mass Effect Andromeda gameplay confirmation

The news came courtesy of an interview with the game’s producer Michael Gamble. He revealed quite a number of factoids about the game, including this open world tidbit. The interview came from the Official Xbox Magazine, which was uploaded via Reddit.

Gamble confirmed the game will not take the open world direction. However, players will be set in large spaces and sometimes confined areas. Meaning, players will only be given the Nomad vehicle if the option is with them. Regardless, it may not be as a “sandbox” as they imagined.

However, players did capture more information from the interview. For instance, the game will have no level cap for players. This opens speculations that perhaps the game will have some post-game value, or even a replay option.

Updates, Features

According to Game Rant, the game still has a slate of good features for players and fans. For instance, the newer consoles allowed BioWare to add updated visuals. There are also improved gameplay mechanics such as a new dialogue system. Loyalty missions were also returned, meaning the characters will have more depth.

The removal of the paragon and renegade choices allow for more intense moments with characters. This means character tensions are created based on just how they interact. The option makes loyalty – and betrayal – filled with suspense.

Players will also have the chance to explore the Kett, a new species in the game. They will have their own separate storyline outside the game. This opens a lot of intrigue as to just how “life-like” the new galaxy could get.

If anything, players should also expect a re-imagining of story missions. The team mentioned that they will reduce grind-heavy missions from Dragon Age and apply more “intense” stories like those in The Witcher 3. However, at this point, only BioWare can confirm the depth of these additional content.

The game will have a March 21, 2017 release for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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