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Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Gold: Full Size, Release Details & More

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Goes Gold: Full Size, Release Details & More

Fans of the hit Mass Effect franchise will only have to wait a few weeks more before they hit Andromeda. Mass Effect Andromeda has finally gone gold and is all set for its release.

Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest installment in the Mass Effect series of games. The title lets players embark on a new journey to Andromeda galaxy, the unexplored neighbor of Milky Way galaxy. Players take on the role of Pathfinders, explorers out to find hospitable worlds for an ark they have left behind.

Fans of the series will be treated with the usual set of Mass Effect favorites – such as robust dialogue, an expansive skill tree, and a host of characters to befriend or fight. Players of the classic games can recall a few old features returning, with some getting modified. Here’s everything gamers need to know about Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Going Gold, File Size

The announcement that Andromeda has gone gold came courtesy of BioWare itself. In gaming, this means a certain game has just finished initial development. Of course, this implies the game is now in a playable state and is ready for release.

Interestingly, Andromeda‘s golden announcement comes with its approximate file size. BioWare said the game will take up “at least” 45GB but “not more than” 60GB of space for the consoles. Its PC version may need around 55GB during its installation.

According to Game Rant, this puts Andromeda on par with the heavier game sizes of recent releases. Its file size is similar to that of The Witcher 3 and Fallout 4, which need approximately 50GB and 30GB of data respectively. Although it is important to take note that both games had massive worlds available for players to explore.

Interestingly, this also goes to show a recurring trend in recent game releases. Given that Andromeda is part of the sandbox-ish side of action adventure titles, it is reasonable that a fair consideration is given to both graphics and depth of gameplay. This can definitely affect the game’s final size. However, players may need to save up some more space for its day one patch.


Day One Patch, Other Features

If lead designer Ian Frazier is any indication, it seems BioWare staff are also hard at work with a Day One patch. However, according to Dual Shockers, EA and Origin Access players may be able to get it five days prior to the game’s launch. Frazier also said this may be included in the pre-load for the game.

For curious Mass Effect fans, Gamble also said via Twitter that the day one patch was an intention of the developers. However, it may only seem appropriate as the game will have a new slate of features. For instance, the game will also have a New Game + mode and more casual outfits for players to choose from.

For a recap, the game offers a newer and improved dialogue system, fitting for the return of Loyalty Missions. Players are now able to form more intimate connections with their squad mates, proof that the game will indeed focus on sub-plots. The title will also feature a more dynamic class system, allowing gamers to mix and match abilities to make their “optimal” Pathfinder.

As to the game’s initial reception, only its launch date could determine the franchise’s future. Players who get it on March 21, 2017 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One can finally explore a new galaxy. Unfortunately, BioWare has not released any details about downloadable content.

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