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Mass Effect Andromeda: How Multiplayer Customization Works

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda: How Multiplayer Customization Works

Customization fans can at least expect a degree of creative freedom in Mass Effect Andromeda. This is a highly-requested feature from players. However, with a launch date soon to come, it does make the Mass Effect fan wonder how it works.

The rather elusive nature of Mass Effect Andromeda makes it a hard game to gauge for fans. After all, the game is an entirely new take on the franchise. The game is not only set in the Andromeda galaxy, but it also has a new cast of characters.

It will make sense if fans wonder just how customization in Mass Effect Andromeda works. This is especially the case in its multiplayer mode. Will it have any difference from the single-player’s options?

Mass Effect Andromeda: Your Own Character

The details of the game’s multiplayer came courtesy of Fernando Melo, the producer of the game. He finally confirmed that there will be a degree of character customization for players. This is a highly-anticipated feature, given that roleplaying game (RPG) fans do love personalizing their avatars.

Fans can read the long Twitter discussion on some of the features here. However, if summarized, Melo did emphasize some level of customization for players. Unfortunately, BioWare is still keeping mum at this point.

This means fans can only speculate as to what multiplayer entails. According to Game Rant, there is always the option that players will have alternative “skins” to choose from. This is of course on top of color schemes and styles for armor and weapons.

If players go by the trends of other games, then it is also possible that the cosmetic items are retrieved via microtransactions. Another option is to retrieve them by accomplishing missions in-game. The best way to answer these questions is, of course, if BioWare will release a multiplayer teaser. However, given its March 21 release, another teaser may be on its way.

New Updates, Features

Meanwhile, players can be delighted to learn that there are more features on the way for the game. Just to recap, BioWare did reveal a ton of new options for the game in the past few weeks. For instance, the Asari Peebee actually has a romance option now. There will also be another Turian companion named Vetra Nyx.

This means that even if BioWare is mum on the multiplayer option now, chances are high that they will release a trailer sooner or later. Those who want to try to test the game’s multiplayer can sign up on BioWare’s website. There are also odds of an open beta before the game’s launch. The odds of these are high as BioWare does have to test its servers if it wants a smooth multiplayer option.

The game will have a March 21 release for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One and the PC.

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