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Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer May Have Loot Boxes – How This Works

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Multiplayer May Have Loot Boxes – How This Works

BioWare has just cancelled the multiplayer tech test for Mass Effect Andromeda. However, a new image shows some new multiplayer features. In fact, players may actually be able to earn loot boxes when playing online.

Mass Effect Andromeda is the latest installment of the hit Mass Effect franchise. This is the first game to depart from the story of original series protagonist Commander Shepard. The title puts players in the shoes of the Ryders, a family of explorers out to explore the Andromeda galaxy.

The game is in fact also the latest title in the series since Mass Effect 3 in 2012. Four years may be a short time for gamers, but it is a lot when it comes to technological developments. BioWare boasts a host of new features for Mass Effect Andromeda, including improved gameplay and the aforementioned multiplayer system.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Are We Getting Loot Boxes?

The news on the loot boxes came courtesy of producer Fernando Melo’s tweet. However, it seems the reveal was unintentional. Based on his tweet, Melo intended to reveal the new “Missions” feature in the game’s multiplayer mode. This feature apparently “links” the multiplayer and single-player experience.

Interestingly, the image seems to give more than just the “Missions” feature. According to Game Rant, varying loot boxes can easily be seen in the image. Players can only see two tiers so far, that of “Gold Item” and “Research Data” loot boxes.

Unfortunately, not much is known about what the loot boxes will contain. The boxes are labeled as “Pathfinder Rewards,” so they may be related to story progression. If one might speculate, loot boxes may be unlocked as players complete story missions. Another possible path is for gamers to earn them by simply winning matches.

However, given that the tweet and the image only serve as a “tease” for the multiplayer feature, it is unlikely Melo will provide more details about the feature soon. Players can still wait if BioWare will introduce the feature in its entirety with a gameplay video. After all, the release of Andromeda gameplay videos has been a trend for the past few weeks as the game nears its launch.

Mass Effect AndromedaRhenn Anthony Taguiam | Video Games Republic

Preview of Andromeda’s loot boxes in multiplayer mode. Photo from DiscoBabaloo/Twitter

Multiplayer Options, Other Updates

The “Missions” mode can be a relevant feature for Andromeda as “seamless” single-player and multiplayer switching is uncommon in games. The feature basically allows players to “switch” from single-player to multiplayer modes without qiutting their session.

For instance, Watch Dogs 2 offered such a feature but needed a lot of patches before it ran smoothly. This is primarily because the technology needed to maintain such a feature can be burdensome for a title’s software. Melo’s tweet appears to offer a solution for players.

Interestingly, players can also speculate just what these “Missions” are. They may be cooperative levels where gamers have to team up to complete objectives and earn the aforementioned loot boxes. Others may speculate that the loot boxes in the “Missions” feature can either be earned via completing them or behind a paywall.

Regardless, given that the game’s multiplayer beta has been cancelled, not much is known about the entirety of its offerings. Fans will only have a few weeks to wait before they can try it out for themselves. The game launches on March 21 for the PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

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