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Mass Effect Andromeda News: Armor Customization Available

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda News: Armor Customization Available

Mass Effect Andromeda is one of the most-awaited entries in the hit Mass Effect franchise in 2017. BioWare does not fail to deliver teases, either. The publisher is now out to tease more features about the game, and this time it’s for customization junkies.

Fans have been waiting for Mass Effect Andromeda after it was teased a few years back. After all, a new galaxy meant new encounters and an entirely new dynamic for the game. However, teases so far involved changes in the narrative and the story.

Now, BioWare has revealed more information about Mass Effect Andromeda. Just after revealing its new weapons and skills system, multiplayer is also getting a new twist. This time, customization fans have more to do with their custom characters.

Mass Effect Andromeda: Armor Customization

This good news is courtesy of lead designer Ian Frazier. He has just confirmed via a tweet that players can indeed customize the armor colors of their custom characters. The surprising thing is that they can do the same for their casual outfits.

The move is a big one for BioWare as the previous games only allowed players to have armor “sets.” They were only able to switch between hot pink or midnight blue sets in the sequels, but by then it was only the two colors. The recent confirmation, which came straight from Frazier, is good news for fans who want to add a bit of flair to their characters.

Sadly, not much is revealed about the extent of color customization in the game. Although of course, there are other questions from curious fans. Unfortunately, Frazier has not commented on such inquiries as of late.

These include whether or not even squadmates can have their armor color customized. A fair question, as some fans may want to incorporate a “military squad” feel to their encounters. This is also a good question as other aliens will have different armor appearances. The level of customization depth for each race clarifies just how “unique” they can be.

Other Features, Updates

This proves that BioWare is hard at work for the game since its 2015 reveal. According to Game Rant, BioWare has been doing quite a good job “bridging” the gap between the two games. Andromeda will be a separate story from the original Shepard trilogy – because there is no gap.

The game instead starts off with a group of explorers departing to Andromeda galaxy to find a new “home” for their ark. Unfortunately, they are blocked on their way by a species trader who collects “races” for some sort of collection. The new protagonists, the Ryders, will try to make an alliance with the other aliens to defeat this new foe.

Andromeda introduces a slate of new features as well. Aside from new sets of species, there is a new narrative system that allows players to be more “unique” in their interactions. The game also reintroduces Loyalty Missions, which can allow them to woo potential allies to their side.

In its newest gameplay video, the game also showcased a new skill system. Unlike in the original games that had Shepard choose “one” class, Andromeda allows for “tree-hopping.” Players can not only master various skills, but even create their own weapons.

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