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Mass Effect Andromeda News: Detailed Character Kits Revealed

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda News: Detailed Character Kits Revealed

The Mass Effect Andromeda character kits reportedly reveal a lot of details for fans. BioWare has released a set of comprehensive character kits for the upcoming space-themed epic game. There is virtually nothing left to the imagination as per reports.

The Mass Effect Andromeda character kits are now generating widespread excitement amongst fans. They can now closely observe some of the Ark Hyperion crew members. These kits come in the form of PDFs that are of superior quality.

The kits display the Mass Effect Andromeda characters based on multiple zoom levels and angles. These are detailed close-ups according to GameSpot. Color codes are also neatly detailed in the kits.

What Else Can Be Viewed?

Enthusiasts can view full length character shots in every kit. A single kit contains four such shots that are rotated for showing each side. Face and head profiles are visible in close-ups.

The front and back shots of the torso are also visible along with three rotated shots of the leg. There are details of hands and arms along with information on materials, textures and colors. The Peebee kit contains several added shots for the Sidewinder revolver.

There are several informative shots for enthusiasts to savor as well. The kits will inspire diverse artists and also benefit the cosplay community.

Kits for Peebee, Cora Harper and Liam Kost are now available. However, BioWare confirms that several other kits are due for launches sometime soon.

In other news, Games Radar reports that the 2nd of February was officially Peebee Appreciation Day. This was an official BioWare announcement and with it came an available comprehensive cosplay/art guide.

Fans can also check out the video interview with the voice actress who gives life to Peebee. There is a brief profile on the official site as well. Peebee is definitely something original. She is way different in comparison to her resolute and elegant sisters from the original trilogy.

More on Peebee’s Character 

Peebee’s voice actress, Christine Lakin, feels that Peebee is very goofy and her jokes don’t always work. She also talks of how Peebee is the joker in the entire team. She has a gun called the Sidewinder which is getting a fair amount of attention. A useful fighter in any combat, Peebee has the biotic power Asari trait as well.

The full name of the character is Pelessaria B’Sayle as per her profile. Peebee originates from the Hyetiana Asari world. She quickly escapes this world fast the area is otherwise pretty drab. It only possesses a few xenobiological facilities.

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