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Mass Effect Andromeda News: Game Unavailable For Nintendo Switch

Mass Effect Andromeda


Mass Effect Andromeda News: Game Unavailable For Nintendo Switch

Mass Effect Andromeda might not be introduced for the Nintendo Switch after all. Disappointing many fans, the producer of the game has recently confirmed this fact. BioWare, the publisher of this hugely popular game, has also confirmed the news.

Andromeda is one of the biggest games from BioWare. However, the producer Mike Gamble has already clarified matters. Gamble has talked of how the company does not plan to introduce the game for the Nintendo Switch.

However, he did leave a door open for the integration of Andromeda into the Nintendo Switch in future. He has stated that in case fans really desire this game for the Switch, the developers will take that into account.

What the Future Holds 

GameSpot reports that the EA administration had earlier hinted at a BioWare game coming to the Nintendo Switch. However, it will not be Mass Effect Andromeda as previously forecasted.

While BioWare has clarified that “we’re not planning on it”, Mike Gamble has also stated “not right now, no”. However, he also said that in case “the Switch launches” and fans are “just yammering for Mass Effect, who knows”.

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He also talked of never wanting to “close doors like that”. This has been corroborated by the International Business Times. Mass Effect 3 was earlier launched for the Wii U and hence this decision by the company.

Andromeda is supposed to be launched in spring this year. It will be launched for PC, Xbox One and PlayStation 4 as per reports. Gamble has also stated that discussions will start for PS4 Pro enhancements for this game.

More Essential Information

These discussions are likely to be held in either January or even February according to him. Additionally, there is talk of Project Scorpio inspiring the developers to specially enhance the game as well.

The Nintendo Switch price, specifications and other features will be announced soon. Nintendo has scheduled the mega release for the 12th of January.

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