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Mass Effect Andromeda News On Release Date, Character Updates & More

Mass Effect Andromeda
Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Mass Effect account

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Mass Effect Andromeda News On Release Date, Character Updates & More

The Mass Effect saga will continue in 2017 with Mass Effect Andromeda. 

Here are the latest news on the new characters, setting and more in the most awaited Mass Effect continuation.

Release Date

There has no been no exact release date for Mass Effect Andromeda but BioWare, its game developer, has confirmed that it will be released in the spring of 2017. Various leaks claim that the game will be released in March next year.

Character Updates

Andromeda will have a mutiplayer mode which will be having a better AI. All cooldowns will be on individual timers which will allow players to have more options to battle with enemies.

On the other note, Shepard will not be returning in the continuing saga. But, the world of Mass Effect Andromeda has a new setting which shall be in the further future. The new setting may be a reason why Shepard won’t appear in this version of the game. But the game will have two options on the character gameplay, Scott or Sara Ryder.

There will still be crafting in Andromeda. As a Pathfinder, players still would have their natural skill of utilizing everything to make new weapons, armor, and more.

There will also be character creations in this new release. Players can select which of the Ryders they want to play. The characters’ appearances can also be changed. The characters may also date so players can choose to date members of the same gender, opposite gender and even aliens. There will also be “bromances” in this new sequel.


Andromeda will take place after occurrences in the original trilogy. In the story, the main protagonist will be part of the Andromeda Initiative. The team  will choose to travel to the Andromeda Galaxy at the Helius Cluster to scavenge for a new planet where humans can live.

Mass Effect Andromeda

Image source: Screen grab from Youtube/Mass Effect account

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Andromeda will still have a ship and a social space but it will be different compared to the old versions. Players will be commanding the Temptest and not the Normandy. This is a pathfinder ship which will be capable of scouting ahead and discovering new worlds. Andromeda will feature the Nexus which will be a more streamlined version of the Citadel.

BioWare said that the game can now be played where players want to go so Andromeda may now be an open-ended exploration game. In an interview with Stevivor, Bioware’s Michael Gamble said that they will thus make a more open, larger and explorable area.

Gamble also said that they will “create experiences that have the right density and amount of content.”, in another interview with Official PlayStation Magazine in the UK for its Christmas 2016 issue.

Andromeda will be available on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC. Let us expect the best with this upcoming game.

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