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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date May See Xbox Scorpio Port

Mass Effect Andromeda
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Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date May See Xbox Scorpio Port

Here comes more news in the Mass Effect front. It appears BioWare is considering making an Xbox Scorpio port for Mass Effect Andromeda. This is an interesting direction for the newest game in N7’s popular science fiction franchise.

Mass Effect Andromeda creative director Mac Walters has just revealed that there’s still no news on a PlayStation 4 Pro framerate for the game. However, it appears BioWare may also put Mass Effect Andromeda in Xbox’s mysterious Project Scorpio. Will it pan out?

The more important aspect of the question, however, is whether or not this pans out well for the future of Mass Effect. After all, Andromeda is the latest installment and a beginning of a “series” of new games. If Xbox Scorpio becomes successful, this may be the new home of BioWare’s popular franchise.

Mass Effect Andromeda Release Date: Any Room for Scorpio?

The news came courtesy of an interview with Walters in the Official Xbox magazine. According to GamesRadar, the release window of both Andromeda and Project Scorpio is appropriate to consider a port. Andromeda launches a few months from now, while Scorpio is pegged for a Holiday 2017 release.

Regardless, Walters cannot confirm whether or not a port will actually arrive in the Scorpio. However, he did confirm it’s “something we’d definitely consider looking at.” This is good news for Project Scorpio enthusiasts, as a potential game is already in the market.

Andromeda is set in the Andromeda galaxy. The game stars a new set of protagonists — all explorers in the uncharted galaxy. This is far from Commander Shephard and the original trilogy.

New Features?

However, Michael Gamble, producer of the game, revealed there are no plans to make improvements to the Scorpio version of the game. According to Game Rant, this means there’s unlikely to be an enhanced version of the game for the new Microsoft console. Still, given that the creative director is open to the possibility, the Scorpio may get new content.

BioWare’s general manager, Aaron Flynn, did clarify that the game will look “great across the board.” This is especially regarding its high-definition resolution support. Meaning, the game will be able to look just as amazing regardless of the console used. This preps Andromeda to be a good release given its March 21 window.

However, BioWare is not considering a Nintendo Switch port for now. This means BioWare is prepping its game to have full support on all its confirmed platforms. As to how this will fare when it comes to sales will be revealed by the time it releases.

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