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Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One Launched Before Official Spring 2017 Release

Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One
Image Source: Mass Effect Andromeda Facebook Account


Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One Launched Before Official Spring 2017 Release

Xbox One users may have more than a happy New Year when 2017 begins. Multiple gaming sites have now reported that a Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One release will be earlier than the expected Spring 2017 drop across all platforms.

Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One early release

GrangerGames is a popular online store in the U.K. that sells new and preowned PC, PlayStation and Xbox games. The site has a big selection of games and a first page dedicated for announcement on newly dropped and soon to be released games. Although not part of the big slideshow in the home page, Mass Effect Andromeda stands out because of its “EA Access” and “Play It First On Xbox One” stickers.

According to a report by WWG, the highly anticipated game may have a sample period on EA Access before its official release in Spring 2017. The EA’s subscription-based service generally offers an early release of a game at least one weekend before the official drop. The fact that the previous versions of the said game were Xbox exclusive supports the claim that the upcoming one will be part of the program as well.

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Mass Effect Andromeda

Image Source: Screengrab from GrangerGames Online Store

Most EA games that were previously released have seen some sort of an early release with the Xbox One-exclusive program. The list includes Star Wars: Battlefront, Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst, Battlefield 1, NHL 17 and Madden NFL 17.

However, as reported by EGM Now, not all EA published games have gone to Access Play First. It can be remembered that the successful newly dropped game, Titanfall 2, used to be an Xbox exclusive game. But then the game fought against it and launched in other platforms as the same time.

That is why although the game has the “Play It First On Xbox One” sticker, it does not mean that a Mass Effect Andromeda Xbox One early release is set on stone. EA has yet to confirm the reported early release.

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