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Mega Man 2017 Release Date & News: Franchise Heads To Android & iOS

Mega Man 2017

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Mega Man 2017 Release Date & News: Franchise Heads To Android & iOS

Mega Man 2017 news: the Blue Bomber is heading for the Android and iOS with six games.

Mega Man appears to be getting back on track, after suffering from the hands of none other than its very own producer Capcom. However, the six games aren’t going to be brand new titles, but rather, the first six games of the classic NES series. Instead of a compilation, the games would also be released one by one.

Mega Man 2017 Android and iOS ports

Here are the list of Mega Man games to be ported for the Android and iOS, along with the year they are first released for the NES.

  1. Mega Man – 1987
  2. Mega Man 2 – 1988
  3. Mega Man 3 – 1990
  4. Mega Man 4 – 1991
  5. Mega Man 5 – 1992
  6. Mega Man 6 – 1993

Those who had played the games on the NES probably feel quite old right now after seeing the years on the list. This would also be the first time the original Mega Man games would resurface, excluding the unofficial emulation of the games.

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Availability, Release Date, and Price

The port for the 6 classic games of Rockman, as Mega Man is known by his original name in Japan, was initially announced to be released in the country. Capcom quickly followed up with an announcement that the game would also be released in the United States.

The game is set to release in January 6. 2017 in Japan. However, there is still no official word yet regarding the date for the overseas release, but most likely it wouldn’t be too far away from the Japanese release date.

The price for the six classic games would be at $1.99 each. Aside from control changes, the game is also said to include extra features such as an adjustable game speed, auto fire, auto charge, and more.

Mega Man Unity app

An accompanying app has also been released that would work together with the re-release of the classic games. The app is said to also grant players various digital rewards such as wallpapers, depending on their achievements in the game, like completing some missions.

The information regarding the Mega Man 2017 release has been reported by the Game Zone website, with reports translated from Japanese website Famitsu.

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