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Metal Gear Solid Movie Still ‘Ongoing’ – Story, Kojima’s Involvement

Metal Gear Solid


Metal Gear Solid Movie Still ‘Ongoing’ – Story, Kojima’s Involvement

Fans of stealth game franchise Metal Gear may still see a Metal Gear Solid film come to fruition. This is good news for gamers who want to see the famed Solid Snake in live action. However, what will it be about?

It can be remembered that Jordan Vogt-Roberts (Kong: Skull Island) was tapped to be the film’s director back in 2014. This was the latest piece of information fans could get about the Metal Gear Solid title since it was announced way back in 2006. However, given Hideo Kojima’s split with Konami, fans have gotten worried about the status of the movie.

Now, Vogt-Roberts has finally spoken about the status of the Metal Gear Solid film and clarified that it is, in fact, still underway. Of course, he admitted there might be a few obstacles that have to be settled first. This is a good opportunity to look back at the film’s history and settle a few discrepancies.

Metal Gear Solid Movie: Tone, Story

This latest piece of information is courtesy of an interview with Vogt-Roberts himself with We Got This Covered. He explained that despite his “attachment” to the title, Hideo Kojima’s “genius” can be hard to express in the cinema. He added the film could either be an extremely good film, or one of the “easiest properties to mess up.”

His comment may reference the so-called “video game adaptation curse,” where film creators have produced quite the lackluster adaptations of titles during the past few years. This includes films such as WarCraft and Assassin’s Creed, both of which received heavy criticisms from fans. Other more classic films such as Mortal KombatStreet Fighter and even the “unspoken” Super Mario film are included in this category by fans.

However, Vogt-Roberts also affirmed fans that they are working with producers to make a script. He emphasized that he and his peers, although unmentioned, are hard at work trying to “adapt” the film because of Kojima’s “specific tone.”

Details, Kojima’s Involvement

According to Game Rant, it will be a bit tricky to deduce more of the film’s details given that Hideo Kojima has separated from Konami. Not to mention, Konami still had the rights to the franchise after a bad split with Kojima. It is now uncertain just how the two parties will reconcile the title’s development after its hiatus in 2010.

It was only in 2012 that the film was confirmed to be back on track. The film will be a collaboration between Kojima Productions and Columbia Pictures. Kojima himself expressed interest in writing the script. He also said he wanted Hugh Jackman to play Solid Snake in the film. However, producer Avi Arad also wanted a small-time actor to play the spy.

It will be hard to say just what exactly the film will be about given its vast number of titles. However, the premise is simple enough for gamers to get hooked into the franchise. The game is essentially a spy story involving Solid Snake, a member of an elite special forces unit FOX HOUND, in charge of taking down Metal Gears.

These are mobile “robots” capable of carrying nuclear missiles. Other games of the franchise explored the origins of FOX HOUND with other characters. This includes Big Boss, or Solid Snake’s genetic father.

History, Cancellation and Revival

The entire franchise was in fact Kojima’s brainchild in 1987, when he was still a programmer for Konami. He wanted to create a game that emphasized in stealth rather than action. The result was a franchise that spanned 30 titles, including ports and special editions.

The idea for the film was first announced last 2006. It had a lot of actors, producers and big names being connected to it through the years. Last 2007, it was revealed that Sony Pictures will be involved in its production, and Solid Snake’s actor, David Hayter, submitted a take on a film – with a script – that was rejected by Konami.

From 2008 to 2009, producers such as Michael De Luca (Boogie Nights) and Jeremy Bolt (Resident Evil: Afterlife), and actors such as Christian Bale were connected to the film. Last 2010, it was said that Konami was concerned if such a film would damage the franchise’s reputation, which put its development to the aforementioned standstill.

Sadly, the film is yet to have a release date, despite the good news of its ongoing production. Fans who want to play the latest game in the series can buy The Phantom Pain, which leads directly into the first game of the franchise chronologically.

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