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Mick Jagger Age & Wife: Has Baby No. 8 with 29-Year-Old Girlfriend

Mick Jagger Age


Mick Jagger Age & Wife: Has Baby No. 8 with 29-Year-Old Girlfriend

Mick Jagger age have been a hot topic lately after it was confirmed that the rock god is a new father. It has now been revealed that Jagger, at 73 years old, has welcomed his 8th baby with his girlfriend. His girlfriend is only 29 years old!

When it comes to vitality, Jagger age details are only a number. The rock legend was earlier spotted cavorting around with his sons in the park. He has always maintained a tremendous amount of physical energy and vitality. And this proved true as he is again a newly minted father.

Jagger’s Dual Surprises for Fans

He has been very active when it comes to concerts and other musical initiatives. Jagger was present at the release of the brand new Rolling Stones album last week. This came as a welcome surprise to fans of the star, according to LA Times.

Mick Jagger age has been no barrier towards releasing his new album and it has not proved a hindrance to another development as well. Jagger has now given another surprise to his fans with his 8th baby being born.

More News on Jagger’s Family 

Melanie Hamrick is the mother of the child and is a 29 year old ballerina. A son was born to the couple on Thursday in New York City. This has been confirmed by Jagger’s representatives. Mick is already a father to seven children of varying ages between 46 and 17.

He has fathered Karis with Marsha Hunt and Jade with Bianca Jagger. He also has four children with Jerry Hall. These three kids are Georgia, Gabriel, James and Lizzie. He has also fathered Lucas with Luciana Gimenez Morad.

Jagger already has several grandchildren and even a great granddaughter born to Assisi, Jade Jagger’s daughter. His great grandchild was born in the year 2014. Melanie Hamrick is a professional member of the ABT Corps de Ballet. She has been an active ballerina from the year 2004 onwards. She first hooked up with Mick Jagger in the year 2014.

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