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Microsoft Cortana: How AI & Other Apps Will Be Integrated In Cars

Microsoft Cortana
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Microsoft Cortana: How AI & Other Apps Will Be Integrated In Cars

Microsoft Cortana is looking to be the future for automobiles.

At the Consumer Electronics Show 2017, Microsoft revealed its plans in integrating AI and other apps to automobiles. This is known as the Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform. It will include familiar services such as Microsoft Cortana, Azure, Office 365, Skype and Power BI.

The Microsoft Connected Vehicle Platform is still under development. It’s still an ongoing project that will bring a connected car experience to its drivers and consumers. For instance, the use of Microsoft Cortana and Power BI will help drivers communicate with their cars conversationally. It’s going to become the brain of all these operations as well.

Other apps such as Bing will be in charge of search and location, Skype and Office 365 for car conferencing and calendar services, and Azure for processing and storing all these data.

For its Connected Vehicle Platform, the partnership with BMW and Renault-Nissan is already underway.

These companies have been working together since 2015 to bring about connected car technologies. Carlos Ghosn, Nissan CEO, gave a demo at the CES 2017 on how the Connected Vehicle Platform can change everyone’s driving experience to be seamless, easy and productive.

Ghosn also expressed how they’re exploring Cortana to connect all this experience, calling it a mix of Nissan Intelligent Integration and Nissan Intelligent Driving.

Is Microsoft Looking Into Driverless Cars?

Though Microsoft has expressed its interest in the future of AI integrated in cars, the company however is not venturing nor are they interested in driverless cars, unlike Google.

Microsoft also understands that building a connected car experience can be quite expensive and complicated. They also said that they are not trying to compete with existing car vendors but rather, are only trying to be a technology partner for them and one that these vendors can trust.

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