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Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Firmware Update Resolves Battery Issue, Surface Pro 5 May Be Released In 2017

microsoft surface pro 3


Microsoft Surface Pro 3: Firmware Update Resolves Battery Issue, Surface Pro 5 May Be Released In 2017

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 — After months of waiting, Microsoft Surface Pro 3’s battery issue is now fixed. According to reports, Microsoft has finally released a firmware update to close out the issue. Meanwhile, rumors are rife that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is going to be available for consumers by 2017.

Surface Pro 3’s battery issue is now resolved

Microsoft Surface Pro 3 users can now rejoice as the tablet’s battery problem is now resolved. According to iTechPost, Microsoft released a firmware update that has “finally fixed” the issue. Furthermore, the source notes that this would have been a “huge setback” for the company. This is because what seemed to be an “incredible product” turns out to have an issue, similar to the other devices in the market.

According to an International Business Times article (per the same source), the tablet works fine when plugged to a power source. However, the problem occurs when the device is disconnected from the charger. This is because the battery runs out “very quickly.” The publication reports that the error made it impossible for the battery to fully charge.

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Moreover, Surface Pro 3 users should no longer face any issues with regard to its battery. This is due to the fact that the tech company has rolled out the “System Firmware Update – 11/7/2016” for this device.

Microsoft Surface Pro 5 news

Meanwhile, VineReport notes that Microsoft Surface Pro 5 is reportedly going to be “formally announced” by the end of 2016. Should this be true, the device will be available for consumers in 2017.

The publication reports that the new Surface Pro model will have the latest “Intel Kaby Lake chip.” Here are a few of the specification details of the rumored Surface Pro 5:-

  • Processor options from “Core M3 to the premium Core i7”
  • 16GB of RAM
  • 1TB storage size

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With regard to the storage, the source notes that it was done this way to ensure that Apple’s alleged “512GB storage size of the iPad Pro 2 is surpassed.” Apart from that, the latter report notes that Microsoft is tight-lipped about the Pro 5’s possible developments.

Rumors are circulating around the internet that the tech giant will also venture on other devices. The source notes that Microsoft are also planning to launch the rumored Surface Phone and an updated version of the Microsoft Surface Book.

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