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Middle-earth Shadow Of War Release To Feature Over 100 Skills – What To Expect

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Middle-earth Shadow Of War Release To Feature Over 100 Skills – What To Expect

Developer Monolith Productions had confirmed recently in a live stream several of the features that Middle-Earth Shadow of War would have. They confirmed that the sequel would have more content that its predecessor and that they have expanded most of its original features.

According to PlayStationLifestyleMiddle-Earth Shadow of War will give players more chance for exploration. It would also offer them more choice over play styles and enhanced combat among other recently announced features.

Monolith Productions had uploaded the full live stream coverage about Middle-Earth Shadow of War on their official Twitch Channel. The full video is over one hour and 52 minutes long but the important ones are as follows:

  • Middle-Earth Shadow of War’s skill tree would offer at least hundred skills, or even more, which would give more players different choices regarding their play styles.
  • Every fort would have an open-world area which would give players more time and space to explore.
  • Celembribor will have additional skills and abilities which will enhance the combat experience for returning players.
  • In addition to Celembribor’s updates, Talion will also have the ability to control siege weapons.
  • The sequel to Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor will introduce more characters from the original The Lord of the Rings universe where Talion and Celembribor will face them as bosses.
  • Monolith Productions plans on releasing expansions and downloadable contents (DLCs) in the future. Instead of revolving around the main characters of the game, it will enhance the game experience even further.

Hard Mode to Increase Difficulty of the Game

In addition to the above-mentioned features, developers will also introduce the option to increase the difficulty for each level. It will allow players to adjust how hard they want their experience to be while in the game.

Hard Mode will change the nature of each enemy, making their aggression and attack types different from their original. The introduction of this mode was to make sure that players would not easily master the combat system of the game.

The previous Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor became easier as players continued to progress in the game. Developers wanted to make sure that it would not be the same case in its sequel.

Pre-ordering the Game

Monolith Productions is offering a 25 percent off to those planning to pre-order the game for the PC. It would then have the price of US$45 for the Standard Edition, and US$64 and US$80 for the Silver and Gold Editions, respectively. The sequel to Middle-Earth Shadow of Mordor would come out on August 22, 2017, for the PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One.

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