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Miguel Ferrer Health: Did The NCIS LA Actor Have A Stroke

Miguel Ferrer Health


Miguel Ferrer Health: Did The NCIS LA Actor Have A Stroke

Miguel Ferrer health issues have been dominating the internet ever since his character vanished from NCIS: Los Angeles. There are now rumors of the actor having had a stroke and even battling cancer. Are these rumors true?

There were widespread concerns amongst fans relating to Miguel Ferrer health issues. The Morning Ledger points out that Ferrer may have actually suffered from a massive stroke. This is because of his inability to speak properly on the show.

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Several fans have connected Miguel Ferrer health problems with his departure from the show. Fans have earlier talked about not being able to decipher what his character was talking about. Problems with speech and his physical instability for long periods of time are pointing to a stroke.

Did He Really Have a Stroke? 

No official confirmations have emerged regarding this alleged stroke. The makers of the show are keeping mum about it and so is Ferrer. Recent developments point at a stroke happening, particularly due to Ferrer’s manner of speaking.

Several fans noticed how Ferrer’s character Owen Granger has slimmed down in recent times. Also, the entire speech pattern has changed according to many fans. This has made the character almost unrecognizable for a few as well.

Rumors of Ferrer Battling Cancer

Ferrer may be very sick and this may be the reason for his exit from the show. Ferrer has earlier lost his father and mother to colon and lung cancer respectively. He has long been a crusader and beacon of support for cancer patients.

There are now rumors of the actor not having a stroke but actually battling cancer. However, nothing has been confirmed on this count as well. Video Games Republic reports that there are rumors of Ferrer having contracted the same diseases as his parents.

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Ferrer’s speech problems have been naturally linked to heart issues or a stroke. Time will tell whether Ferrer faces the arc lights again.

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