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Miguel Ferrer Health Illness: Why People Think He’s Already Dead


Miguel Ferrer Health Illness: Why People Think He’s Already Dead

Miguel Ferrer health illness rumors have abounded ever since it was discovered that the actor has cancer. There are now rumors of Ferrer being already dead though it seems unlikely. These rumors have also been sparked by reports of Ferrer’s NCIS character also being killed off!

Miguel Ferrer health illness rumors took a whole new turn when people started believing he was dead. Tripped Media reports that Ferrer’s real life battle with cancer has almost overlapped with his character Owen Granger’s health issues on NCIS: Los Angeles. This has led to many questioning his well being.

There are rumors of Granger dying at the end of the current season. This has led many fans to wonder about the actor’s current state of health. These rumors spread like wildfire when Ferrer looked really unstable. He was also unable to speak properly for a period of time on the show which was also noticed by several viewers.

Miguel Ferrer Health: Truth Behind the Rumors

The Miguel Ferrer health illness rumors point out these speech difficulties in tandem with possibilities of either a stroke or heart ailment. Ferrer has lost both his parents to cancer and his father died in 1992.

Fans are now worrying about the actor contracting colon cancer like his father. His mother succumbed to lung cancer in the year 2002. Fans are coming up with several theories about Ferrer’s mysterious ailment.

Ferrer has always been hugely active when it comes to assisting cancer patients with financial support. He has also provided valuable advice and guidance to numerous patients. The NCIS: Los Angeles makers are totally silent on Ferrer’s illness.

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Though there are rumors of Ferrer having died already, the truth is that he is alive and kicking. Ferrer is still continuing the fight against his health problems. The actor has looked pretty happy and satisfied in public. He has also not issued any public clarifications yet. Ferrer will next be seen on the 10th NCIS: Los Angeles episode to be aired next week.

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