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Miguel Ferrer Health: What Happened in NCIS LA Season 8 Due to ‘Illness’

Miguel Ferrer Health


Miguel Ferrer Health: What Happened in NCIS LA Season 8 Due to ‘Illness’

Miguel Ferrer Health rumors have been circulating for quite a long time. There are reports of Ferrer being killed off in NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8. His illness is reportedly the reason behind him being killed off in the show.

Miguel Ferrer health rumors talk of how the character of Owen Granger will be phased out from the show. NCIS: Los Angeles will have the 11th episode of Season 8 being aired within a few days.

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Is Ferrer Really Sick?

The Series will return after the break for Thanksgiving. HNGN reports that there is widespread speculation regarding Ferrer’s exit from the show. Ferrer’s illness has been billed as the major reason behind his exit. There has been huge speculation regarding this illness with many thinking that he had a stroke.

Ferrer’s slurred speech and instability was caught by viewers on screen which led to these stroke rumors. There are reports of Ferrer hiding his illness from the general public and fans. The NCIS: Los Angeles production team is already preparing for life without Ferrer.

What Will Happen to Owen Granger?

Owen Granger, the character played by Ferrer, is already sick as has been revealed on the show. This will be the starting point for his exit from the show. The unrevealed sickness of Granger may lead to his death on the show as per reports.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season 8 will also have several other twists and turns in store for viewers. The 11th episode will be aired on the 18th of December, 2016 on CBS. Kensi Blye will reportedly be leaving the show as well.

Ferrer has not commented on his exit from the show as of yet. There is huge speculation regarding Ferrer having contracted a cancerous ailment like his parents. Both his parents died of cancer and fans are now speculating that he may be suffering from similar ailments.

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