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Miguel Ferrer Health & Stroke Facts: 8 Things to Know About NCIS LA Cast

Miguel Ferrer health
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Miguel Ferrer Health & Stroke Facts: 8 Things to Know About NCIS LA Cast

Miguel Ferrer Health news and updates have been flooding the internet. Ever since rumors started of him leaving NCIS: Los Angeles, Ferrer has been a topic of much discussion. There are widespread reports of him fighting cancer and even having a stroke sometime back.

Miguel Ferrer health news reports are clear about him not being in good shape. However, he continues to put up a brave front as per sources. Here are 8 things to know about the NCIS: Los Angeles actor.

IMDB reports that Miguel Ferrer was born in Santa Monica, California in the year 1955. He has previously been married to Leilani Sarelle and is currently wedded to Lori Weintraub. His full name is Miguel Jose Ferrer.

More Facts on Miguel Ferrer

Some of Ferrrer’s noteworthy movies include Crossing Jordan, RoboCop and Iron Man 3 among others. Wikipedia reports that Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney are Miguel Ferrer’s parents. He also has a brother named Rafael and Debby Boone is his sister in law. He is the oldest of five children and superstar George Clooney is his first cousin.

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Ferrer’s father Jose Ferrer has won the Academy Award while his mother was a singer. He also has sisters Monsita and Maria in addition to another brother called Gabriel. Ferrer earlier played the drums for Two Sides of the Moon helmed by Keith Moon. He also played a drummer in the Sunshine television series which was his first ever role.

Bill Mumy who played Will Robinson in the classic Lost in Space television series, cast Ferrer in his very first TV role. He also played his father’s younger self in Magnum P.I in the year 1981. He also played a small role in Star Trek III: The Search for Spock which released in 1984.

He played several memorable super villains along with doing voiceovers for several animated characters.

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